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    Finally get to play Monster Hunter on the ps3

    Seeing as how my friends list was deleted (mind you its been a million years since ive been around here)And i cant share this news with the person i want to i figured i would let everyone know the awesome news...
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    need help enhancing a wallpaper (gun show) bring your best

    I want to use the rogue status gunshow wallpaper but I can't find a high enough quality one. My ultimate goal is to get my atv seat embroidered with it but they are telling me I need a better picture. If you need reference pictures let me know thanks to anyone who attempts.
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    My one question to somone who runs home and there timley response.

    To be honest im AMAZED i even got a response. But my biggest concern for home is that things like televisions wont be available so we can stream movies to them, Granted i understand the legal issues that would ensue but it would still make home for me same with being able to play music inside of...
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    Was anyone else aware of this for Resistance Retribution? seems kinda cool i suppose definitely wouldn't be adverse to a lot of other games using this feature. Just wish the ps3 didnt have to be involved in the party for it to work.
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    Sig Request " Drug of choice" Sig

    I figure its time to update mine for once, Ive had the same Sig and avatar for about forever. So my vision is a syringe that takes up a good amount of the Sig with the PlayStation icons floating around in it such as the X O square and triangle symbols. On the bottom it will read My Drug Of...
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    Went to the Metreon release for Resistance 2 got myself the collectors edition.

    Not only that but i got the actual game signed by the whole Dev team of R2 it was actually an awesome experience. Despite it being freezing and Ted not having a jacket he still came outside and pretty much made his way down the entire line of people standing outside waiting and gave each group...
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    Dead Space first impressions THREAD - use this thread for general game discussion.

    I have just finished the first act and honestly I can say this game is a sleeper. If you dont at least rent it you will be missing out. I myself like the horor action type games and this one delivers. I never thought i would say this but this is the first EA game i am proud to have in my...
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    The Allure of Trophy's

    I never thought trophies for me at least would increase the re playability of something for me especially a game like SSDHD, But there i was frantically calling up my XMB to see the criteria for the next trophy in hopes that i could get them all and get ahold of the coveted platinum trophy. Then...
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    Anyone who likes Transformers

    I pretty much figured it would happen but a buddy of mine informed me that after he had finished wrapping up with Bedtime Stories a disney movie that stars adam sandler he would be working on Transformers 2 followed by the Davinci Code : Angels and Demons. I personally was glad to definatley...
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    What rank will you aim for your first playthrough of MGS4?

    Assuming you have seen the post with all the rankings of what you can hope to accomplish after the game is over and maybe even collect some new items, What rank are you aiming for first? the first playthough i may not go for anything i just want to finish the story but my second playthrough i...
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    Gamecrazy in Napa having midnight release. Better pre-order NOW!!!!!

    I found out today that the local Gamecrazy in Napa will in fact be having a midnight release of the game Metal Gear solid 4: Guns of the patriots. Only drawback is it wont be the LE edition but i for one am going to pick it up and thought i would share this information with anyone from my area...
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    To Dell or not to Dell

    So i have been hearing diffrent opinions back and forth on the subject but i figured i would ask the PC elite. I was looking at the 700 something or other H2C from Dell its an overclocked hybrid cooled and factory warrantied computer. I told my cousin about it and all i get from his is bitching...
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    GTA 4 and the 911 connection.

    Im not sure if everyone has had a chance to joy ride but on the advice of my cousin when i was doing a mission i went on the bridge granted when you try and go on the bridge there is blockade so my cousin tells me to get out and walk through it so i did. INSTANT full star count I had like 3...
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    MGO Beta New New start date the 26th hopes of the 25th crushed.

    I went back to the MGO site to check it out and it has changed a second time. We would like to add that due to the above reasons, we will be making the following changes to the schedule: 1) Start date: Planned for 04/26/2008 00:00(PDT). While the...
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    How do you plan on playing MGS4?

    With the inclusion of "Drebin points" in mgs4 wich reward you from taking weapons from the enemy .Are you going to stealthily hold them up and make the drop there things, Dismarm them with a CQC move or straight up kill everyone and get as many Drebin points as possible? Will the lure of being...