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    Half Life 2 with Portal weapon = amazing new gameplay

    short but sweet and the possibilities seem great hope it becomes a feature in HL2: EP3 right now its just a PC mod look at comments to find where its located follow link to watch great vid
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    E for All Expo Oct 18-21 LA - Everyone forget or No one Cares LOL

    Ok E for All is the consumer part of E3 just remembered it even existed after seeing it in GameTrailers Bonus Round the trailer is sad lol on the site just wondering if anybody out there has heard anything seems to be no press coverage yet not even hints of whats...
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    PSU made 1up Yours Podcast

    PSU made 1up Yours Podcast for Sony buying Rockstar Rumor it was funny they never even heard of PSU before i never knew that rumor started here lol
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    Frets on Fire Amazing Game for Pc check it OUT

    have you guys ever heard or seen this before i never played GH but man i played this for like 3-4hrs tonight it was amazing and i was just playing GH 1 and 2 songs. i am actually going to start playing again right now its addictive lol my library of songs is over 500 now lol now thats true...
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    PSN Down for Maintenance

    maybe update to store or something i was trying to make a Japan account then it wouldnt let me login to create new account and said maintenance being done then went under my US account and same thing but weird thing was i could login on my US account read and send messages but if i went to...
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    Funny Videos making fun of all 3 next gen consoles in one spot No Bias to any console

    anybody else that comes up with amazing videos will be added to main post with + rep just a good laugh very well done who ever did singing sounded just like him Johnny Cash - Red Ring of Fire(kind of covered from warranty now but still a issue)
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    Heavenly Sword all gameplay E3 Embedded MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

    MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS for people who dont want to learn or see anything about storyline but other words the video is amazing lots of new stuff like fight against final boss using heavenly sword gamplay and cutscene with sister she is a playable character fatguy is funny kill, kill, kill new...
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    Eilte Xbox 360.....UK and Rest of Europe Release DATE!!!!

    found this info at great info for Europe Its coming out in 43 days time at the 24th of August. Check it out for yourself:
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    Two Hour Preshow leading up to Microsoft conference on G4 right NOW

    pre show leading up to live coverage of Microsoft conference and what i have read so far sounds like they are showing new trailers and such but i dont get G4 so if your interested its on right now
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    MGS4 Trailer How long will it be ???????

    Now that we know that there will be a trailer and it will be available also be on PSN after Sony Conference how long do think it will be. information from sony's blog if you dont know yet and since old trailer ranged from 5-15 mins how long do think this one will be do you think we will see...
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    1UP's Official E3 Games List for all consoles

    PS3 49 games 360 40 games - some that didnt make list dont know why Halo 3, PGR 4, bioshock :) Wii 18 games comments DS Ben 10 Crash of the Titans Dementium: The Ward Fish Tycoon Geometry Wars: Galaxies Godzilla: Unleashed Harvest Moon DS High School Musical: Makin' the Cut! Lego Star Wars...
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    1UP's Official E3 Games List UPDATE

    PS3 49 games - if theres any missing tell me---- eight days, the getaway, haze, home, MGS4???? GTA4, assassins creed for both. major hopes but not likely Africa, FF13. 360 40 games - some that didnt make list dont know why Halo 3, Fable 2, PGR 4, Bioshock, Mass effect, Too human Wii 18 games -...
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    Graphical comparison between GTA 4 and San Anderas

    A user on remakes Trailer 2 for GTA 4 with San Anderas the game. its actually really well done and shows how much of a step in graphics they really are taking Comments and Opinions video created by user Brotha from gametrailers a lot of people are saying now you see big...
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    Fox News Estimated 2.5 Million 360 Defective

    source dont kill the messenger lol i am just happy they are taking care of the issue now Comments and opinions
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    Sony brings E3 to PlayStation Network

    all i can say is bring on killzone trailer for the masses and demos for at least Lair or Heavenly Sword Comments