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    rage to be the very first console game to introduce singleplayer DRM duh duhh duhhh!! thoughts?.....
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    S.978 Bill spread the word :)
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    lulz and Anon now join in a nerds of war it's just a matter of time for this to turn around and bite them in the @++ :P LOL!!!
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    these are always my favorite :) E3 2011 Bonus Round at GT! enjoy :wink: in a way their almost talking about the new wii will not be going to require a hard drive this time? wierd O.o well I'll be uploading every new episode untill it's done but if you feel like doing your own...
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    ok guys here it is, stop crying!

    Wells Fargo, American Express, and MasterCard say there's no unauthorized activity tied to leak; debacle may affect executive's succession to Sony's top spot; Sony shares sink 4.5% As the PSN outage and data leak drag on, Bloomberg has posted a pair of articles that add to the ongoing saga...