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    ok i have had a long think and i have concluded that i really have nothing to offer this forum any more and that means anything... So as of right now, i am no longer part of this forum I am leaving for good and i want to say a thinking to everyone that has enjoyed my company and helped me...
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    What is your favourite section on the forum. Where you spend the most time in

    Ok. I was just wondering where your favourite section of the forum is and why it's that place and that place a lone you spend the most time... It actually might help the development of the forum in the future and make this a more welcoming place to many on lookers as guests just Mine is the...
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    GTA Owner Take-Two Trademarks "City Stories" Name

    Sand Andreas Stories anyone or GTA V STORIES
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    Resetting My Account

    Is there a way of resetting my account on here... Like as if it was new or near new again... I am asking because i feel i have to start from scratch again and do away with all the shit i have posted and done more or less.. So is there any possibility of resetting my account to zero and me...
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    GTA V story DLC teased by Rockstar Now this is interesting on the bases off possibilities that can come out of this Story DLC i am think three different stories for all three Michael, franklin and trevor off course But since Michael and Trevor know each other for a...
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    It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum....

    Miss real duke nukem, never will play the most recent Sent by using my fingers. How else can you :) :) :)
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    Really annoying add

    Seen this has i hoover over things within my USERCP and other links on the forum... Any word on what it is and how long it will be here... I know you guys run on adds and stuff, but this is preventing from clickability on certain sections for me.
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    I have had it with Drink and my stupid random threads i post

    Look i am fucking sick and tired off my action here on the forum and my random DRUNKEN threads i post and that make no sense what so ever... I want them all deleted and for me to stop drinking and that is an issue i need to sort out my self... All this crap i posted here over my DRUNKEN HAZE...
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    Sony PS4 Performs Worse Than PS3 As A Blu-ray & DVD Player
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    Delete thread

    Do not know if anyone her followers modern fucking shit celeb music, films, dancing or news.. If so then you are in a room with echo's off one self and if you are clean, then you are with the real reality I call beyong a full on boycott off modern celebs, becuse the are not remodel for any kid...
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    The appreciation Thread

    Thank you is a weak way to put it, but i can not put into words want i feel about the PSU.COM simply is simple word and expressing them feeling is not easy.... So thank you PSU and beyond, i will contiune my support and more So thank you
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    One That Touched

    I want lyricls of songs that touched you in a certain way, the ways that made MJ a person off dry drop.
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    PS4: Mark Cerny Always Moment

    This is a simple thread, were we gather all the truth and lies of the mark cerny train of success. Does it ring truth or does it ring 50/50 or more in the favour off the money wee spend be true can a single console give you a wet dream when you go to bed and wake up in the morning, can a...
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    WWE15 game, My two idea's

    Ok now that WWE14 2K is out and getting a mixed bag of reviews and has somewhat failed in turning the series into a better one after WWE13, And overall yukies just copy and paste approach to the series, has hurt it a lot and with just a few added things like Beat the streak and 30 years off...
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    GTA V Knowledge test,

    Right lets have some fun, the game has been out for over two months now and we all have a really good hang of it and know are way around the map and vehicles and weapons etc... etc... Now what i am asking is for a wee test of your GTA V knowledge thus far So rules are simple 1. Post a really...