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    Whats new?

    Whats new at PSU and what have i missed?
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    New free content released, how do i get it?

    I see 2 free maps for the new game mode where released to the public today but i can't seem to find them anywhere, is it actually Elite members only?
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    Dead Rising 2

    What happens if you miss a mission on DR 2, like if you dont activate it in time?
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    Looking for something....

    It was posted on here AGES ago. Its an online electronic/dance/drum and bass music maker that was really in depth. It wasn't fruity loops. You have like all the components etc and you could position them etc. etc. It was really cool but i forgot what it was called. All help appreciated.
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    The one thing that is stopping me from selling my PS3.. the fact i wouldn't be able to play future Uncharted games. Im telling you if Uncharted wasn't PS exclusive i would sell my console, get a lump of quick cash and use my Xbox. Uncharted is just such a quality franchise, i love it! I also took into consideration GT 5, Little Big Planet...
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    Flip Mino HD, are they any good?

    Simple question, are they any good for what i want; simple, easy to use, great for the on the go recording, durable and of decent quality. +rep for the best helper :D
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    Need a Youtube to MP3 converter for Mac.

    Get Tube doesn't seem to work any more, what else is there i could use. I have googled but it always comes up with crap, surely there is more than one Youtube to MP3 converter for Mac.
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    Whos excited for the new NFS?

    At first i was like... meh, but after seeing some interviews about the game it looks so sick. Plus, its Critereon who are developing it so its bound to be good, right?!
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    What have you guys got planned for the summer?

    So yeah, summer is pretty much here so i was wondering what you guys have planned for it. Stuff like holidays, trips, festivals etc. etc. Im not going on holiday this year as far as i know as i just got back from Ibiza a few week ago so this summer ill probably be working hard and then...
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    Kaka 41 yard screamer FIFA World Cup 2010 Possibly the best goal i have scored.
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    Who on the forums makes you laugh?

    Yeah, who here makes you laugh? Its rare that i laugh at anything on here, but if anyone has made me laugh its probably Squirelboi. What about you guys?
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    Your most memorable game level

    What is it? Out of all the games you have played, what missions/levels do you remember the most? A few of mine. GTA 4 Three Leaf Clover. Everything was amazing about this mission. From the dialogue on the way to the bank to the epic chase through the subway. Deconstruction for...
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    Persuade me to by inFamous

    It shouldn't be too hard for some of you considering its an exclusive. But i need persuading to buy this. I played the demo and surprisingly i loved it. It was like GTA on MCAT. I just never got round to buying it and now that its cheap, i'm looking too. Problem is, the £10 i spend on...
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    Who wants the old layout back?

    Vote yes or no. I personally do. This one is awful. The way it looks is fine.. but there is no icons, we have lost all visitor messages, friends etc. there isnt alerts when someone posts on your profile or tries to add you as a friend and navigation of the menus for your account sucks. Where can...
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    Black Ops gameplay

    Looks lame compared to how good MW 2 looked at E3.