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    Socom CURRENT owners Post-Patch Poll

    Are you having Disconnection issues still? If so, how often?
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    Madden 09 online Highlights Thread.

    I figured we could share some highlights of online action on Madden 09. Preferably online highlights. Here's a great int return against someone using the 49ers. A set of highlights of a very tight game against the Chiefs In which used a 21 point...
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    Street Fighter Alpha

    Anyone download it yet? I was trying to see if it had online play, if it did i'd nab it immediately.
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    Games you know You're Buying this fall and holidays.

    Yea we now what everyone is unsure about, but what games are you definitely buying this fall w/o any pause. Right now i seeing these for me to grab. Socom Confrontation NBA 2k9 Dead Space Little Big Planet Ultimate Ninja Storm Naruto(I love the demo) Fallout 3(Bethesda did a very good port in...
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    So how many people are still shooting their way through Socom?

    I picked up Socom combined assault on ps2 and got a surprise in finding out that the map packs are free on there with a "best of socom 2 collection" map pack just added. How many people here are still playing Socom and have you tried the maps?
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    W/o Japan in the M$ multiplat deal with SE, can 360 FF13 outsell PS3 FF13?

    As much as people ignore the specifics of this Coup, I think theres one bylaw in this deal between 360 and Square Enix that hurts M$. No selling the game in Japan on 360. W/o possibly it's biggest buyer of the franchise, can the 360 version outsell it's install base ratio with PS3 or even...
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    Is Metal Gear Solid 4 living on Hype or up to it?

    I've read a couple posts claiming that the experience is a phased moment of hype much like early GTA4 feel. How do most people here feel about the hype vs the game itself. Did it meet or exceed your hype, or did you settle with what you got as just good enough? Or did it even disappoint you...
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    Playing ps2 Madden 2008 on PS3 online

    Just got my 80gb PS3 yesterday, and Though it plays my ps2 madden just fine. I can't get the game to go online. Keeps looking for a network hardware adapter, even when i use the virtual memory system data and build a network adapter save with my ps2 network adapter disc. I've checked alot on...
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    With all these magazines and websites reviewing games, Who do you trust most?

    I've noticed that there's alot more reviews out there(I mean IGN has separate reviews for each country?). My question is what magazine or review do you trust most(maybe not 100 percent, but more than anywhere else). Personally for me its Gameinformer, and I say that as a hater of gamestop...
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    Ideas for Uncharted to get better?

    Possibly the best 1 player PS3 exclusive out(its disputable, but its still at least top three I think), yet the sales in this short attention span internet savvy era it didnt really sell at the rate to match its quality imo. My question is what can they add to their sequel to give it a broader...
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    What Genre of games is most lacking on PS3?

    With the library growing, what genre would you like to see more of? Personally I'd love to see more free roaming open world gangster type games available. GTA IV, The Godfather, and eventually Saints Row 2 are all that come to mind there. Would love to see a PS3 version of Scarface.
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    Game file transer question.

    I wanted to know if deleting the install has any effect on the game files. Because I'm trading in my 40gb ps3 for an MGS4 80GB Bundle and I have a 2gb flas drive to move files to my pc, then to the 80gb. My issue is that the install files are bigger than 2gb in some cases. does leaving them out...
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    I like this game for the Max Payne style action, but i noticed it has the most dead online community ever. :sleep: Does anybody else own this game? :confused::-?