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    Black ops server

    I can't seem to connect to the stupid servers, i get the message saying to check the status on their website but that's fine. I've reset my router, deleted the game data and hit it with a hammer... still nothing. Any ideas?
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    Servers down

    Not sure why but it seems like its just the ps3 servers that aren't working. Servers are back on now, nice of Treyarch to keep us updated on there website or even Facebook. (not)
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    Activision want Subscription

    I apologise if this has already been mentioned here, a friend of mine has just found out activision wants to have future console games with subscription fee's. Im pretty sure this will not work. It just shows the lack of respect from activision to fans and gamers.
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    COD 4 goty

    Sorry if people have mentioned this before, Ive done loads of searchers on the net and cant really find an answer. I know the goty edition is supposed to come with a sheet of paper with the keycode so you can get it redeemed for the map pack, many people, including myself did not get this bit of...