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    The Darkness Impressions

    I got to play the full game today, and I think this game has a great chance to top Bioshock for most people. The graphics, for one, look leaps and bounds better than the videos shown make it seem. I would give this game the edge over Gears of War in many areas. You actually blow the faces off...
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    Gears League 2nd Season

    You guys remember that Gears League I told you about a while ago? Well it's back for a second season, now known as the Xbox Gamer's League, we still have 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4. Deadline is April 9th for registration.
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    The Gears League - Organized team play

    We're setting up a Gears of War League @ Maybe check it out if you have a friend or three
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    Gears of War - Score Rank - What is yours?

    This is a bragging rights thread ;) I'm saying it up front, don't whine if someone has more right to brag than you :rolleyes: OK, I know that often times your points don't get added to your leaderboard score, which really sucks. I'd have a much higher score if they did, but I think this...
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    Gears vs. Resistance - And the winner is... neither?

    I figured this belonged in both the PS3 and 360 sections as it's a PS3 vs. 360 game comparison. I think they got it all correct, they said exactly as I'd expect about both games.
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    Resistance vs. Gears by GamePro ~ Tie? I think they got it all correct, they said exactly as I'd expect about both games.
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    Gears of War

    I've played through the game on hardcore and countless, countless hours of multiplayer. Overview: I bought this game on Tuesday, the 7th of November at my local GameStop. It's the only game I've played since. It just plain rocks. The single player has virtually unlimited replayability just...
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    NEW Lost Planet Shots Meh, I can't tell, maybe a couple are older. This blows everything on any consoles besides GoW out of the water.
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    E66 Error After Dashboard Update

    Is anyone here getting this error after they installed the dash update? I, myself, am not, but it seems that there are a few getting this.
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    CliffyB Talks Gears and Resistance
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    Sixaxis battery not replaceable (Debunked) Err, quite interesting? How hard could it have been to make the battery replaceable? I don't get it.
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    Rainbow Six: Vegas - Mexican Border Video Insane looking gameplay, love the blood, great graphics. When that guy peeks under the window and whacks that guy in the head and the blood spatters and you can see the bullet hole. :o I'm buying.
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    Yet another firmware release on the 360; Hackers 3, MS 1

    Just this morning Commodore4Eva released firmware 4.1 for the TS-H943; only a couple of days after the release of 4.0. He claimes to have found 2 ways possible for MS to have forced 0800 mode to read firmware, and blocked them. He claims the firmware is now 100% impregnable. Is this the last...
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    Server Too Busy Topic

    For every 100 clicks on this site, 90 of them will give me the "server too busy" message. Thats just during the forum low times. During prime time I'm lucky to be able to see the site at all. This is no longer a minor annoyance, but a major impedement to use of the site. If you need help of...
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    IGN not impressed with PS3 controller

    What they really needed was a whole new design for the PS3 controller. I didn't even like the PS2 controller. There were obvious avenues they needed to take if they want to appeal to FPS fans, and they totally ignored that.