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    How did you last die?

    Stole this idea off another board. Simple idea, just type out how you last died in a videogame. Just post about the last time you died, not your most memorable death etc. I'll go first: Was playing Borderlands, using lilith. Was taking a beating against some bandits on my second playthrough, so...
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    Very easy

    Please can somebody turn this image into a signature? Many thanks and rep and sp is yours. Just a smaller image, a nice border and text will do fine. Thanks in advance.
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    ipod to computer transfer

    Hey guys. Just recovered from a hdd crash and I now have all my music on my lovely lovely ipod. Problem is Apple don't like you putting this onto another computer, which in my case happens to be the same computer, just with it's hhd wiped. So anyone know how to get the files onto my computer...
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    Set - 3000 SP

    Howdy folks. Got another equest for you. I am looking for a set which mimics the posters of films from a while back: IE - Feel free to have a look around to find your own posters to use - keep your eye out especially for purple posters, as I feel like purple in the set, but yeah - let...
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    Usertitle - 2k sp - freestyle

    Hey all. Freestyle compo for a usertitle graphic please like Theft's: It's a freestyle theme, as I know the size you have to work with is very limited. Anything and any colours that would compliment my current avatar is all I ask for, aside from that, do whatever you want. Compo is open until...
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    Very easy request

    Hey guys: Can somebody please alter my sig and userbar so that they blend with the new background colour and the forums? Thanks Reward: Some SP and rep. Thanks again.
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    Quick help 1k sp

    Hey guys. Can someone put this on a background the same colour as the forums, resize it to subscriber height and put my name 'Rhysivich' on here with the font of your choice. Keep it cool but simple.
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    Request folks =) UPDATED

    Avatar 500 sp for converting this cool panda into a simple avatar with my initials RV instead of the current UT. Signature Hey folks, not looking for anything fancy this time but... I would like the woman below to be somehow taken from the picture and placed on a transparent background so...
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    Regarding Far Cry 2

    I know that the game is split into two territories; northern and southern. When I unlock the second gameplay area, am I able to return to the first? I ask this because some of the trophies are things like: "Find all the safe houses in the northern territory." I don't want to get so far into the...
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    Custom Myspace layouts.

    Hey all, Me and eight friends are setting up a mini-recording studio. We're currently in the business of sorting out/buying/setting up/operating correctly all the equipment required to run this show(after a lengthy and tedious funding process.) Once this is done, we have the fun job of...
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    Dead space avatar 500 SP

    Oki, Sig picked (thanks to all entrants.) I'm now looking for a dead space avatar, using this pic: Thanks!
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    Bioshock(ish) set 2k SP

    Hey guys. 2K sp for a Bioshock set, and some SP for all decent entries. Please use this image: Try to keep it simple. I would like the sig to be subscriber size which is [Will try to find it - where is it? o.o] I would like the sig to say 'Rhysivich' and perhaps something suitably...
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    Congratulations PSU

    This may have been noticed or posted before, but I hadn't seen it mentioned at all, so here goes: In the latest issue of the UK Official Playstation Magazine (October 2008-), Playstation Universe was listed as a "website that matters." Woo PSU!
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    Reading/Leeds Music Festival! (British event)

    Is anyone else going to this? I bought my ticket a year ago and finally the time has almost come around where I can finally go to my first festival. I'm pretty pumped ;) Is anyone else going/gunna watch any on TV?