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    AnyOne Else Got Super StarDust HD Problems !?

    I felt like playing SSD HD for the 1st time in ages yesterday, & after having to update it I can no longer use my own music, and it wont save my progress, Has anyone else had these problems, and is there any way of sorting them as it is very annoying how the update has completely ruined the game...
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    No FallOut3 Patch For The PS3..

    I assume that most if not all of you have seen the article about how the PS3 will not be getting the patch to allow returning to the game world after completing the main story line, even though the other platforms are getting it !?!? I just wanted to say that Ive just sent them my E-Mail...
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    Gettin PS3 online WithOut a PC

    Ive heard it possable to get a PS3 online without a PC, But has any one hear actually done it ?? And if so How did you do it ?? My friend has a PS3, a Router, an EitherNet Cable, and an E-Mail address. Is it possable to get his PS3 online with JUST these things. Oh yeah and of course he has a...
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    killzone 2 beta Not Working

    Am I the only one who cant load up Killzone 2, or has the beta finished early ??? :confused:
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    FallOut3 Oasis

    So I have just found the Oasis area in FallOut3. This is my first play through and I am trying real hard to be a good person all the way through this time, and I cant deside which course of action would be best taken at this point. There seems to be at least 4 different ways of dealing with this...
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    Trophies. Brothers In Arms-Hells Highway.

    So I just rented Brothers In Arms; Hells Highway, After reading in PSW Mag, and a few other sites that it will have Trophies on release. Maybe I have just turned a bit thick over night, But there is a real lack of anything Trophy related in this game. Im glad I only rented it now, Originaly I...
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    Cant deside which games to trade in.

    After taking into account all of your thoughts and opinions, Im gona be getting FallOut3, LittleBigPlanet, and maybe Socom. Now I have the problem of paying for them, So I will have to trade in some games, But wot to trade is coursing me a bit of a head-ache. So here are the options, I am...
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    Most enjoyed game of 08

    Ive just posted on the Biggest Dissapointment Of 08 thread, so I thought I would give you all the chance to go the other way, and shair your most enjoyed games of the year.
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    PES Vs FIFA- Is There A Wind Of Change ???

    For aslong as Ive been into Football games it has always been PES, But last year when I got my first PS3 PES outing I was some what disapointed. After quite some time I made the tougth desision to trade in my PES and get FIFA instead. When I did this I told myself 100% that it would be a short...
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    Java script error

    I keep getting Java script error's on pretty much every page I load on this site, or in the forums atleast. Any suggestions as to why this is happening, and how I might deal with it !? Appreciate any and all suggestions.