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    PS3 console Live Streaming

    Hey all I just started Live streaming on I been streaming mostly L.A. Noire / Call of Duty Black Ops, Killzone 3, Brink. If you want to watch some good gameplay follow me there and chat it up with me too
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    Need Background for YouTube Channel - Paypal Donation for the Help

    I need someone who can make me a cool youtube background, I will make a donation to person for good cause if they can make one for me. I need this picture: In the background. This is an example...
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    Sig Request - World of Warcraft Rep

    Description: I want my Signature to have this pic of me in game with my game name "Towelliee" and Guild <S E V E N> Detheroc Horde -- that should be the text Type: Signature Images: Guidelines: Must Include the text of name...
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    Sig Request - World of Warcraft Rep and Points

    I need a signature for my guild I have 2 photos I kind of want to merge or blend somehow if you will This is the banner for our guild. I want to take just the BOOK and...
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    Socom Confrontation Info Site?

    I have been playing for last few days and I am really terrible lol. Like I have no idea which gun to use how to aim anything. I kind of need an info site if anyone knows of one.
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    [HCA] Killzone 2 Socom Clan needs a Website Hi all, it has been a while since I have been on boards. My best friend who I gamed with for about 15+ years died of lung cancer this past Thanksgiving. You could say I went into a gaming hibernation. Me and him been claning in FPS since...
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    Killzone 2 Demo Footage on YouTube by consolecrusader

    YouTube - Killzone 2 Demo 2-5-2009 1 of 4 YouTube - Killzone 2 Demo 2-5-2009 2 of 4 YouTube - Killzone 2 Demo 2-5-2009 3 of 4 YouTube - Killzone 2 Demo 2-5-2009 4 of 4 There are 4 videos total
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    [HCA] Hardcore Alliance Recruiting - Killzone 2 / Socom PS3

    Hey all in anticipation for Killzone 2, I will be bringing back my TFC clan name from TF1. My names Rob and I played TFC (Team Fortress Classic for HL) for 5 years and was the leader of the clan [HCA] - Hardcore Alliance. [HCA] on PSN will be dedicated to my best friend of 18 years Psychoprentt...
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    MGS 4 BT Headset

    Is it me, or is this get up really bad for people with big ears :( /sad panda
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    WTB World of Warcraft Siggy

    Hi all I was on a nice 5 week vacation in Cuba and I am back now. I have to get with one of you guys who built me a site template cause I can't find my original thread. But any I am willing to buy a siggy for my warcraft character. name : Towelliee Realm : Detheroc Pally Tankadin here...
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    MGO Beta Character Customization Video Here you go some MGO online loving with character customization and gameplay coming soon.
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    My YouTube Video of the New PSN Store Made a little 3 minute video of the store from the gamers perspective for you all enjoy!
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    [REQ] Call of Duty 4 PS3 Clan Site - GIVING ALL OF MY POINTS AND REP

    Hi Folks, I am looking for someone to make me a COD4 clan site for the PS3. My clan name is [mDk] Murder Death Kill I started a [mDk] Murder Death Kill clan for PS3 COD4. I was wondering if someone can make a site that will house matches/roster/downloads/forums/news/ format just for COD4...
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    Metal Gear Solid 4 Bonus DVD + Beta Youtube video

    Here is a 3 minute or so video of me showing you all the DVD with beta and inside content
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    Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core Home Video

    Should have a video of at least the English intro being played on my Vizio LCD using my Special Edition Crisis Core PSP Slim :) About 30 minutes tops. And yes I do have the game a week in advance :)