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    PS4 analogue stick to small/rigid

    Hey guys. I know a lot of us have had issues with the DS4 analogues wear and tear but does anyone find the analogues too small or rigid? I use Kontrol freek ultras from time to time and makes it much better. Thing is if I go to a friends I then find it difficult using the normal pad. I...
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    PS4 Hdd, how's this?

    Hey guys. Can't wait for the PS4 and looking to swap HDD on day one. I haven't looked into what's compatible really. Does anyone know u if this will be okay...
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    Driveclub races?

    Hey guys I'm really looking forward to Driveclub, but a question I have is, can you race against other people? Or is it just ghosts and times set? As on every trailer it doesn't actually show proper races which disappoints me a bit. Cheers