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    Design Pointers: Fonts

    [1] FONTS [The Briefing] There are countless books and websites about why type is crucial to design, so I won't go into that. Instead my focus will be more relevant to design pointers that would often pertain to designs (signatures, avatars, banners, etc.) on these boards. [The Subject] Fonts...
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    Fragfx and Killzone 2

    Anyone have good settings for the fragfx on KZ2? I can't get any combination (in-game sensitivity and dial) to work OK. Right now, I'm at full in-game sensitivity, at dial 2. But it's still too slow. If i bump more it just gets jumpy. *refrain from "Use a DS3 or sixaxis" comments.
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    Captain America Poster

    Here's a poster I just finished. Supposed to be a WWII-esque propaganda poster- yet it is designed for the Avengers movie coming out in 2011. I included the original Photoshop painting I made of Captain America so you can all see some of the progress I went through. Obviously I don't know the...
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    Should Sony put more effort into backing LBP?

    Considering the hype and the mainly positive response from the community, should Sony actually look into pushing Little Big Planet as a system seller? Much like Nintendo's initial appeal with Wii Sports, gamers outside of the usual PS3 spectrum are getting wind of this upcoming title, and are...
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    My first Photoshop portraits...

    INTRODUCTION Instead of the quick "look what I did post," I feel like I should go into more detail and explain my experience... Since none of you know me personally, I used to be considered more of a fine-artist practicing in traditional methods- acrylic painting, and various dry mediums...
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    Where's the horror (in RE5)?

    After watching most of the gameplay videos of Resident Evil 5, I've been asking myself this question: Where's the horror? It seems as the series is getting more action oriented and drifting further away from the survival horror genre. Many people voiced their concerns with RE4. Now that RE5 is...
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    Predictions coming true...?

    Most of you have seen my version of PS Store... Anyways, I just went on the PS Store after a couple months of being off it, and I've noticed things that I wished for back when I photoshopped my version. 1) Icons now represent everything. I...
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    Clan section (under PS Network / Online Play)

    I think there should be a Clans section under "PS Network / Online Play." My reason is that soon there will be a bunch of multiplayer games (UT3, Warhawk, TF2, COD4...) and with that comes a bunch of clans. With a serparate section, there will be less "clutter" for the general "PS Network /...
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    Metal Gear Solid Comics (review)

    Has anyone read the Metal Gear Solid comics? I was able to get my hands on the first series (mgs1) and most of the second series (mgs2). I'm glad that I did. The artwork by Ashley Wood match that of Yoji Shinkawa's original Metal Gear Solid artwork. Characters retain their images(though Raiden...
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    The "New" (photoshopped) PS Store

    MAKE SURE YOU DIGG IT! I wanted to make this as if the PS Store was not redesigned, but instead completely remade from the ground up. Remember, this is all speculative/imaginative with photoshopping skills at work. Nothing is real. I...
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    Tekken 5: DR Game Share?

    Is it possible to game share T5: DR online/expansion? I can no longer add funds to my HK account. PM me if you are interested in sharing/trading. (If possible of course) I can even paypal money if interested.
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    Problems Adding Funds to my Wallet

    Last night, I tried to buy "Super Rub-a-Dub" and "Flow" for my little sister. I did everything as usual, proceeding to checkout and so forth. Since I have no funds, it prompted me to add funds, and so I continued. I entered my credit card info and everything else. Here's where everything goes...
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    Lame Moments in E3 '07

    Which is your "favorite" lame moment of E3 '07 so far? Mine would have to be Jack asking Kaz..."is that Riiiidge Racer?" Notables: -Chewbacca -Playing Madden with Reggie Bush..."Brotha!" -The whole WiiFit bit with Reggie. -Moore unveils the Halo 3 360.
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    Nintedo WiFi Connector and PS3 gaming

    For those who don't want to read my story click here now: Just yesterday I was cleaning out my computer desk when I stumbled upon an unopened package for a Wifi USB Connecter for the Nintendo DS. I wondered why my little sister (who owns a DS)...
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    "What if" Ads (*56k WARNING)

    We've all seen 'em. Those PS3 "white room" ads. Whether it be the crazy floating baby, or the banged up Motorstorm truck, we all that the "white room" has become Sony's PS3 ad campaign. Now what about we Photoshop our own ads. It could be for a game that will never come out for the PS3, or a...