• I appreciate the nomination but it's Black now, just so you know. :)

    Also good to see you still around.
    Cuguy, I need help. every time I go to post, it says I need to put one character. I can post on member's wall but It takes forever to reply if ever!
    Hey, thanks for cleaning up my old infractions (I'm assuming it was you). They were annoying as shit.
    Damn you for having theft protection on all that sp. :lol:

    I've robbed from every rich person here, just looking and being told every time that I can't steal from you is...annoying. lol
    Could you provide some insight on how "drop the ban hammer" works? I used it on Someone already. DO I get to use it once a week?
    I see. Can you do Silvy then? If it's too much then it'll be okay. :) Thanks for the replying.
    You sexy beast, may i ask a favor? Well, I'm doing it anyways. Can you edit my name a little? I just want it to say Silver. If you do this then you'll be the greatest person in the world. :snicker
    Because I know Thorzilla isn't very active these days, can you donate 25,000 SP to him for winning 2012's signature of the year?
    Can you send 10,000 SP my way for winning the December SOTM?

    Thanks in advance. :)
    The SP you donated a week ago was for a different SOTW. Lol.

    It's why I asked a different admin so you wouldn't be confused.
    Can you donate 5,000 SP my way for winning last week's Star Wars SOTW?

    Thanks in advance. I asked Ixion but I think he's ignoring me.
    Can you please donate 5,000 SP my way for winning the 206th "Nintendo" SOTW?

    Thanks in advance.
    Well, that's a really good post and can argue with it but i'm gonna chose not to. Anyways, i'm not trying to get at you so i don't want you take it that way. I'm just arguing with your tactics.Anyways, i need a favor of you.I'll pm it.
    What's the Hell, Cuguy? Why did you trash it? So flame wars are allow and we can argue over something as trivial as console sale numbers but we can't say anything about a normal human activity? (Masturbation) So i guess we put the ban hammer or freedom of speech, right? And humor? I did like the thread title change to. (Cute) No need to reply back because it's apparently obvious on what was done. I'm just flexing a muscle that's called freedom of speech but don't hit me with the ban hammer for it, okay. Lastly, your probably too busy to reply anyways because it's all about the money, right? I guess you descend every once in a while to flex your super powers on the little guys.
    Wiritng for PSU itself. Part of the UK team. I need access to the writer's part so I can post articles for the main page.
    Hey, Cuguy. Can you send 5,000 SP my way for winning the 188th SOTW?

    Thanks in advance.
    I want you to know, I find it outrageously offensive that when I type a new sentence that I am not allowed to double space. I spent a good minute trying to edit my post until I realized it was the forum messing with me.
    Hey, Cuguy. I was wondering if you could take me off the Design Squad.

    If you need a reason, you can check my post in the Design Squad clubhouse.
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