• Well, I was doing better. **** seems to have turned sour in the last 72 hours and I just feel so...dead. I actually wish I were dead. The ex is pregnant, they're moving away and I feel like I'm being cut out of my daughters life. I have no reason to live if she doesn't want or need me. I'm so close to just cracking open a bottle of pills. I already have some JD on the go. Meh, I don't know why I'm telling you this.
    Yeah, pal, been back a couple of weeks. I told myself I wasn't going to stick around but, well, you know this place - you start posting and bam, you're hooked. So it looks like I'll be posting for the foreseeable future. Until I get perma-banned at any rate, haha.

    Glad to hear things are going well, am sure the exams will go well =)

    Yeah, things ain't too bad this side of the ocean. Got good friends, a good job, an amazing daughter - all thats missing is a little companionship. I know how the great Doctor feels now when Amy/Rory weren't around, haha. Oh, well, am sure it will resolve itself soon enough.
    Cyklops, buddy, how the devil are you? It's been quite a while since we spoke and I figured I've been kinda rude in not asking how you are. So, fill me in, pal, hows life been going for you?
    Well C is running the SOTMs, but he hasn't been active lately. Try contacting him and if it doesn't work, I'll give you the prize myself.
    Hehe, RL has taken a higher priority now, so I'm not as much around anymore, but its nice to be back:)
    Started playing my PS3 again when Mass Effect 2 came out, so it was time to get back to this forum as well :)
    Yep, I'm around every once in awhile when I get the chance.

    Glad I could inspire you! I don't do to much signature designing right now, mostly stuff for print now.
    Hmm... how to live life huh... That's strange, I'm sure I'd remember you if you had that big of an impact on my life.
    It wasn't active enough. It's only necessary to have sub-forums for the games that really need them. The Final Fantasy section only had about two active threads, which the main PS3 Games forum can more than accommodate.

    Also, the section would have only become active once FFvsXIII was released, which is still most likely a ways away. If that game produces a lot of activity, we could always bring it back.
    Cheers mate.
    I actually followed a tute to make the base of the sig, then just messed around with effect c4ds and adjustment layers. When I have some free time I'll do up a quick tute.
    Thanks man, Looks that way huh' I'm sure you could easily get back in if you wanted, Your work is awesome mate, Keep it up :)
    I'm doing fine, thanks. :) Kinda annoyed that the Spring semester has already started for me, no time to play more Gran Turismo 5 & get the last two endings of Nier. :(

    What about you? Did you do anything fun during the holidays?
    Happy new year demotion! :snicker

    But in all seriousness, sorry to see you off the Design Squad, Cy. Your talent for making graphics has come immensely far from when we first got to talking.
    happy new year.
    life's good...Other then exams...its all good.

    studying like a mofo as i slacked most of the year.

    hows you/your life ?
    My siggy got noticed! Yaaay. :lol:

    Actually, though, I don't know a lot about Ulquiorra. Never got that far into the show. I just know that's he's some intellectual badass. (right?)
    Apologies for the late reply, been busy and, if I'm honest, kinda down in the dumps. Understandable though so yeah.

    I won't be able to see my daughter until tomorrow and even then it will be for two hours at most. Its really depressing me how little I get to see of her lately, drunk myself to sleep several times this past month and even had a breakdown at work. My life really has gone down the crapper. Hope your life ain't as bad as mine, dude, have a good Christmas.
    If I'm honest, not too good. My life has been on somewhat of a downward spiral as of late. I don't mean to sound rude or cause offense but I don't really want to go into too much - long story short, my ***** of an ex has restricted all access to my daughter, I'm in a tight spot with my money, I'm forever arguing with my friends and losing them, I'm getting pissed off with the way I look. All in all, life is peachy.

    How have you been?
    The designer with the second most seniority amongst the current group. Funny how times change, eh? I remember when you were still jumping up and down over becoming purple. ;)
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