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    My PS4 impressions so far

    I got my PS4 a couple days ago. yaaaay. Had to wait a while These are my honest thoughts on the system. In short, meh. I am quite frustrated by it. Firstly, the controller, which I bought a few days prior so I'd have two. I can't get on with it. How are you meant to hold this thing? I can't...
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    Question r.e. the PS4 game upgrades

    BF4, FIFA, COD and maybe a couple others are doing cheap upgrades to the next gen version right, which is cool. But I heard there's a time limit on when you can redeem I'm thinking of getting BF4 this week on PS3, I might not get my PS4 til March. So... ??? Does anyone know the time limit.
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    Are you a kickstarter?

    So Kickstarter has been around for a while now and we are in that interesting period where many games have been successfully funded but very few have come out so far, we're just starting to see the first batch now really. So I am interested, how many of you get involved with campaigns for games...
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    video for anyone who missed it developed by Tequila Works It is going to be an open world puzzle adventure game. I can't get over how amazing it looks, like ICO, Journey and Zelda: the Windwaker all in one.
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    The Dark Sorcerer

    New IP / tech demo thing from Quantic Dream. More information coming later today. I'm not sure if it's actually about a real sorcerer and the green screen thing was a joke, or playing an actor is the actual game. Either would be cool, for different...
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    Advice needed for lower to mid range GPU

    Hi all. I have had a lot of computer issues over the past few years, mainly to do with being screwed by certain hardware suppliers. So I have been mainly out of the PC gaming circle for a while. I currently have a poxy little graphics card that is about 8 years old and was only ever meant to be...
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    So what's happened with Agent?

    Remember that game announced in 2009? It sounded so cool but 3 years later we still haven't seen anything of it at all. I guess I was half expecting to see it this E3 even if it wasn't in Sony's conference. And Jack Tretton said last year he didn't even know if it's still a PS3 exclusive, which...
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    Skyrim mods

    Hey all, for those playing on PC what mods are you using? Obviously no full blooded ones will come out until Bethesda deign to release the creation kit but for now here's a good list, feel free to contribute any good ones you find; FXAA post process injector (I use lighter version, less...
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    NGP Game Demo!!!

    I'm surprised an impressed by the graphics. Look like early PS3 graphics, a touch worse perhaps. Obviously helped by the small screen. Though I doubt it will have quite the level of year by year improvement we are seeing with the PS3, I bet the graphics for this thing in a few years will be...
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    Any developers / game series that you stay clear of?

    Does anyone have any particular game franchises that you won't touch with an iron pole, or specifically avoid any games from a certain developer? Don't matter how silly the reasons are, anything from having had a bad experience with them in the past to just not liking the name, lol. Wondering...
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    Shogun 2!!!!

    It's finally coming!!!!!!!!!! Sequel to possibly the greatest ever PC game!! :):):):D:D:D:drool I hope we get gameplay and a solid release date at E3
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    Can we scrap the censor

    It bores me greatly. I know the lords of PSU towers have declined before, so what if I tack on a please? :) If not can you at least replace them with humorous alternatives such as fudging and cack I shall brace myself for a no, but it's worth a shot so it is
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    Highest DEATHSTREAK?

    I know it doesn't record it for you, but after a while I start to count. Mine is 18. It was higher than my kill streak for a while. :oops: I go on many death streaks because of this game's quite appalling spawn system and people spawn raping you. I feel the death streak perks make me feel even...
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    The 20 most bizarre Craigslist adverts of all time - so funny :lol::lol::lol:
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    Football - best XI from the so called top 4

    Been having this discussion with some friends and it's interesting. What's the strongest first team from Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and United this season? At first it seems an easy question, but the more you think about it the harder it seems. Vidic and Terry are the same type of CB, would...