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    Are trophies a for sure thing?

    Was anything mentioned about trophies for the Vita lately? At E3? As a semi hardcore trophy hooker I was pumped about them being added when this was first announced but after not reading much on the subject since has me starting to wonder... ~d
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    Scorecard Research Survey?

    I been getting a popup recently asking about doing a Scorecard Research Survey. Is this something added by the owners of the site or a hack? I use Ad Block Plus on firefox but this keeps getting through and no scans have picked it up. I've since blocked from leaving...
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    Getting a 2nd Xbox and have questions.

    Ok, long story short. Coworker who's not a gamer is selling me a new 360 4gb he got free with a new windows phone contract. At $130 it was a good deal I couldn't pass up and seeing my 60gb Arcade 360 gives me the E74 error sometimes I would have to get a new 360 soon enough. I do have some...
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    G4TV Canada violated broadcast laws!

    Saw a quick advisory message during a commercial break tonight and did some goggling. Seems last year when airing the animated show "Superjail" G4 only placed a PG rating for 20 secs on the show when it actually should of been a "18+" rating. Some people complained and after a ruling that was...
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    Add this to the list...

    I can't leave a comment on the main page. It asks me to join or use existing username and password in which both fail. I get this error for a split second or so then it redirects me to the article again: ~d
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    Red Dead boosting anyone?

    I currently need the "Go Team" (win 4 gang matches in a row) and "The Quick and Everyone Else..." (win 3 free for all matches in a row). I've managed to get 3 wins in a row a few times but get screwed in the 4th match. Anyone want to try for these trophies later tonight send me an invite. PSN...
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    Magic:The Gathering DLC May 12th!

    I've been waiting for this! I want the cards avatar award. :) Source ~d
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    Magic: The Gathering XBL Tournament!

    Fraggednation is holding a 32 player Magic tournament this month using Duels of the Planeswalkers. Go here for the brackets and sign up! 11 players so far. ~d Mods: If not allowed please delete.
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    Cannot edit PSU article comments?

    When I click edit it brings me back to the main page but has this in the address bar: Anyone else have this problem? ~d close if discussed before
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    Anarchy: Rush Hour Full Trophy List!

    As discussed in the other thread this cheap PSN game seems to have an easy Platinum. Here's the full list of the 46 trophies! Hidden trophies in the spoiler. ~d
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    Pick my next Platinum!

    I have a back log of new and used games that I bought in order to increase my platinum totals! I have made a conscious decision not to buy any more used(looking at GI Joe, Alone in the Dark) or new games(God of War 3, Final Fantasy 13, or Battlefield BC2) till I have completed a few more of the...
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    High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition Trophies!

    Patch released today! 0 1 5 8 0 Win 1 online Sit and Go Tournament Win 1 online Sit and Go Tournament to unlock this Bronze Trophy. Win an online Sit and Go Tournament of Double Flop Hold em. Win an online Sit and Go Tournament of Double Flop Hold em to unlock this Bronze...
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    iTrophies is a great App!

    I bought this awhile back for my iPhone and if your into trophy collecting, wanting to see your PSN friends list on the go, and have a iPhone I suggest you look into it. It has also been getting better and better (and faster to login!) with every update. Only thing missing is the ability to...
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    Hoarders - Trophy Edition!

    Ever see that show Hoarders on A&E where people just hoard away things over time till they have their whole house blocked with stuff? I think I'm one of them but because of trophies! I continually buy cheap games I see (both 360 and PS3) that have fairly easy trophies in order to play them...
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    "There has been a problem downloading content"

    I just updated to v1.35 and I keep getting this error then the system freezes. If I wait then press X it tries again and I get the same error. Anyone else get this and is there a workaround? Thx ~d