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    Audio concern. (+fun soundtrack)

    Hi team, I have just noticed something strange about the audio of the PS3 web browser. I have a feeling it does not support 2ch stereo but only mono. First of all, listen to this soundtrack on a computer using Stereo headphones (very important). I wish modern games had audio this amazing...
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    Women and Children > Men ??

    Just was wondering why we consider the untimely death of women and children to be any more tragic or shocking than that of men? After tragedies such as the recent bombings in Mumbai the media always report with the addition of "...many of the dead were women and children". I think the tragedy...
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    Is exploiting a glitch cheating? (KZ2 spoilers)

    For example: And: I think this is cheating and I hate it when the top point scorers of the other team got their points doing it, what do you think?
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    With by far the most number of overall points, with a K/D ratio of around 3.0 and with a relatively low number of suicides I assume this player is actually very good. My question is: Has anyone here ever played x_KILLIONAIRE_x and how many hours a day do you think they play to rack up so many...
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    I am FUMING! (PAL vs NTSC issue)

    I recently moved to the USA from New Zealand and thought it prudent to lug my 60gig black beast all the way over too. I did a bit of research before I left because I understood the possibility of there being compatibility issues between NTSC and PAL. However, in the end I was satisfied that by...
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    SkullCandy or TurtleBeach?

    I am in the market for a decent gaming headset and was ready to purchase the TurtleBeach P21 when I found a SkullCandy headset compatible with the PS3 at BestBuy. It seems the SkullCandy headset isn't displayed on the SkullCandy website but it looks a lot like the "Ti Multimedia" set for the...
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    PS3 Immigration New Zealand to USA?

    Hi folks, just wondering what difficulties/differences I might encounter if I take my New Zealand bought PS3 to the USA, ie: Will I be able to watch DVD/Blu-Ray discs that I might buy in the US? Will I encounter any problems connecting to the Playstation Network? Cheers.