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    OFFICIAL PSU FIFA 12 CLUB (PS3) - The drama returns !!!!!!

    register your interest and positions this thread is under construction current squad manutdfan - CDM Stoneyps3 - CAM/ST yourmumsface17 - CM DangerousMali - CAM/ST John25 - CAM/ST imsickofyou - CAM/LCM Stingraysito - CAM/CDM/LB History Last years Fifa 11 thread
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    PSU FIFA CLUB needs you! 8,000 SP !!!!

    we need a new thread poster and userbars Last years thread some pictures you can use (although you can find Fifa pics you would like to work with) I'll be trying to find more SP from club members
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    Help me start smoking! I need tips on how not to quit....

    just kidding, quite the opposite how do i quit the cancer sticks? anyone have any experience in quitting? the last time i attempted i last 10 days INB4 anti quitting
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    Dads got Brain cancer...

    Haven't been able to talk to anyone, im just speechless, been researching on the net for the past few hours on whats to be expected, none of it has brought any hope prediction is a year or two, im hoping thats just a standard speech :( what i would like to know is if anyone else family members...
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    Oh No....Nate Dogg is dead

    another childhood hero has passed away ;( Article
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    Armed Rooster Kills Man

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    Click click click booom! Lego guns!!! woah awesome
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    Mali NEEDS YOU to make a sig, pretty please [5K plus rep]

    GO GO GO GO GO !!!
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    That saying "No Homo"

    no homo, that term is odd to me and an annoyance do gay people declare what they mean by saying yes homo? (i do it on occasion for humour) to me, it's annoying term coined by rappers, as if they are insecure in their own sexuality and act as if they have to continuously state that they are...
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    Somebody watching meeee!!! :lol:
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    Born to Troll (watch for the epic face) :snicker
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    People are awesome! feel good thread of the week?
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    Psu fifa league - heads up!

    PSU LEAGUE [FIFA 11] 10KSP Prize, Lets do this! no whining, green bars or bust! LEAGUE IS STARTING!!! so please head over to the official thread if your interested
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    PSU LEAGUE [FIFA 11] 10KSP Prize, Lets do this! no whining, green bars or bust!

    a few rules only play on green bars the league limit is 16 league last for 2 weeks, and there will be another in a months time 4 games against each opponent any team can be picked 1st position finish gets 10,000 SP prize and sig, avatar, userbar declaring he is PSU numero uno Runner up...
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    here are some pics, you can use --------- can someone remix this and put a PSU logo instead of EA ? come on DS boys, help us out