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    [Official] New Forums -- Feedback Thread

    Shows up fine on dark theme (y)
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    We are moving!

    You shut your face.
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    10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer

    Source I do like the first one, the trailer looks good for this. There's an embedded video at the source which works, watch it there until YouTube sorts itself out.
  4. D - Star Wars PS4 Bundle Lightening Deal (ends at 6pm)

    Just seen this over at Amazon and thought I'd give this deal a share.
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    Now TV App Problems

    Does anyone else here use it? Before it got updated recently I found it would just not respond a lot, so I'd have to keep pressing 'X' for a minute or something stupid to get a show to start. And now, with the recent update - though it looks much prettier - pressing 'O' to exit out of a show...
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    The Gamechangers (the BBC film about Rockstar/GTA) Trailer + Air Date It's going to be on - Tuesday 15 September, 9.00pm-10.30pm, BBC TWO A little more about it:
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    DOOM E3 Teaser Trailer Short but sweet. Though not so sweet is - does this mean the Bethesda's E3 showcase won't be about Fallout 4???? :'(
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    Get a Free MGS: V Decal with OPM in the UK Pretty cool, I'll pick up a copy - not sure if I'll use it though.
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    PlayStation TV price dropped by 50%

    I still don't understand its existence. You can get PS Now on PS4, you can remote play from PS4 to Vita/Phone... is it only good for PS1/2/3 era games? Also in the first paragraph you've put the price will be going down to £49.99. But in the quote it says £44.99.
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    [Fast and] Furious 7 - Official Trailer

    Couldn't see a thread about it. So here it is. I think it looks pretty good. And I wonder how they're going to handle the Paul Walker situation. I can't remember if they had finished filming when it happened.
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    Official Thread Links (Games) [Updated 26/3/15]

    Games beginning with 'the' - The Crew in this case, should probably be put under the letter 'C'. Like how bands are organised, it's usually easier to find what you're looking for that way. Though it might just be me that gets annoyed by that.
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    The Official PS4 Deals Thread

    UK | Driveclub - £24 - Amazon, £25 - Game UK | The Crew - £24.99 - Amazon
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    Siblings - BBC 3 Comedy

    From the adverts I was a bit sceptical and as BBC 3 is really hit and miss with its comedies, but having watched some it's pretty good. Doesn't hurt that the main lady is super pretty <3.
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    UK | The Crew - £24.99 at Amazon/Game

    It's also the same for Xbox One. Amazon | Game Buy yourself a little Christmas present.
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    Apparently the Rapture is Upon Us Again

    This is a blog post I've just read at And before anyone gets upset, this is just about how fucking funny this is. It's not meant to be a comment on religion.