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    Mark Rein: 360 Unreal will contain Gears 2 'surprise'

    Link Hm. I wonder what it could be. I would prefer a trailer at the very least.
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    Mmmm. Good ol' Lockout, how I have missed thee.

    For those of you who have downloaded the Legendary Map Pack, what do you think? I just play my first game of team slayer on lockout and during the game I realized how much I missed the map. Haven't played a game on Ghost Town or Avalanche, but I am searching now!
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    Gears of War 2 Looking To Be Everything We Want It To Be!

    Link to NeoGaf Thread It sound amazing.:mrgreen: Can't wait!
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    My First Youtube Video!

    This is for all you Babylon 5 fans out there; Check it out: B5 Tribute: The War with Clark and What You Leave Behind You may not appreciate it as much as if you were a fan, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Make sure you read "About This Video" before you watch the video.
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    Fifth GTA Trailer Leaked

    Link Pretty funny. I am really enjoying this April Fools Day so far.
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    Avalanche: Sidewinder "Remake" With Added Mancannons For Extra Chaoticness!

    Source. Can't wait to play on this map! Bring on Moonlight Sonata!
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    Gears of War 2 Interview--John DiMaggio (Voice of Marcus Fenix)

    The most interesting stuff has been highlighted. Link Gears 2 is going to be awesome.
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    Microsoft Breakfast Blogger: Episodic GTA Content Much Bigger Than Expected?

    Source. Thoughts, anyone? I am not going to conclusions.
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    Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Release Date Revealed

    Source. This+Ninja Gaiden II will make for an excellent summer.
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    The Xbox 360 GDC Thread

    Talk about anything GDC that has to deal with the Xbox 360. Game Developers Conference Microsoft's Presentation: Keynotes Feature Speakers I am not going to post all of the speakers that have to do with an Xbox 360 game, there is simple too many. [No Picture] [No Picture] [No Picture]...
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    Seriously, How Could I Have Missed This? This Is The Most Epic Thing I have Ever Seen

    Words can not simply describe... This is a simulation of our Universe: the biggest one, in fact. I thought I had even the slightest comprehension how [size=1]small [size=1]we truly are. Because of this video, I now know how foolish I was. I mean, I felt 1 billion times this: Here is the press...
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    January NPD Numbers

    Nintendo Wii 274,000 Nintendo DS 251,000 Xbox 360 230,000 PlayStation Portable 230,000 PLAYSTATION 3 269,000 Total Hardware Units 1,227,000 SW 1 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Xbox 360) 330,900 2 Wii Play (Wii)...
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    Microsoft Continues the 'Bring It Home' program for GDC

    Would anyone like a Too Human demo?
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    Too Human Playable at GDC

    Source Epic. However, I am being cautiously optimistic; let's hope this game receives good impressions.
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    1UP GDC Week Blowout

    Prepare for teh epicness that will be next week.