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    QWOP post your high score

    QWOP is a classic. Bennett Foddy is a psychopath.
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    Does anyone cross the border?

    Cheese is serious business
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    Grandia + Grandia II HD Remaster announced for Switch

    That's something to be excited for.
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    Shenmue III delayed to 2019

    That sucks. AS long as they release a great game than I am happy.
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    Do you have a favorite actress or actresses?

    Oscar Isaac is a pretty great actor.
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    Got in an accident!

    It always sucks to be in an accident.
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    Which game do you think everyone should play

    It can be a games thats great to show them what makes a great game or it can be a bad game to show people what makes a bad game. I think everyone should play Antichamber and record them selves while playing to see if they are good at those types of games.