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    PS Vita sales continue to drop to worryingly low levels

    I agree that smartphones are taking a chunk of the dedicated handhelds but for me, smartphone gaming is crap and i just recently bought an iPhone 4s and have like 6 games on it like Fifa, Rage, Asphalt (racing game)... i kinda regret the fact that i bought these games even if they were .99 only...
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    PS Vita Ridge Racer review

    As a huge fan of Ridge Racer, this is very disapointing. Every Playstation console had a RR game that showcased the system graphics. This Vita version looks like a sack of shit and a fuck you to the fans who love the serie so much. I'll still continue to play the PSP and PS3 version as they are...
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    Sony sends out 10 first party trailers...

    Nice trailers !!! Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Escape Plan and Ridge Racer are my picks on day one ! I like how they're presenting each game with the funcions of the Vita. Good stuff !
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    Confirmed games for North America PS Vita launch *Updated 12/22/11*

    Uncharted, Gravity Daze and Ridge Racer for me !:cool:
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    Fangirls - I have two.. lol

    Haha nice story F34R ! way to go man ! Uncharted is a great game to play and follow, young or old... it suits everyone imo...
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    How do past psp owners feel about the PS Vita?

    PSP never lacked any games for me. It was actually pretty good overall ! I had RPGs, action games, arcade racing games, fighting games... i was happy and still are ! Now i can't wait for the PS Vita !!! the 5" screen is beautiful, dual analog sticks, sick graphics, great games, touch screen...
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    Vita is set to succeed

    It's all about marketing, i hope Sony will make sure people hear about the Vita ! but they're doing an amazing job as of now, the games and support is definitly there, the Vita is also a sick piece of tech ! the screen is beautiful ! Mine is pre-ordered, wifi version with probably 3 or 4 games...
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    Ridge Racer 7 3D version on PSN

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to know if anyone of you purchased Ridge Racer 7 3D version on PSN recently and i especially wanted to know if the game works in 2d. I want to buy the game on digital but don't have a 3D TV...
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    Vita remote play killzone 3

    I can't wait for Vita, even if the remote play isn't true... after Tokyo Game Show, i'm tottally buying the 3G version, the features are just incredible, this will be my main portable device for a good while. My only downer for now is the battery life, but that was to be expected i guess like...
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    Microsoft demands simultaneous multiplatform releases Hmmm don't know what to think about this, are Microsoft trying to control the market or quality ?
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    Is Vita in Trouble?

    I'm buying Vita anyway. To me it'll do more than gaming... there will be movies, music, web browsing with touch and a nice high quality screen, apps... and from what i read in the official ps magazine, Sony haven't even begun talking about the social part of the Vita wich apprently will be...
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    Your PSV Budget?

    I will buy the Vita with 3 launch titles and some accessories. I guess my budget will be around 400$ for it.
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    PlayStation VITA -- Are you getting it?

    Day one for me with 2 or 3 launch titles to go with it ! Can't wait !
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    Vita's Library

    This is almost too good to be true. If that is the launch line-up, then i have at least 4 games on that list that i want.
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    Infamous 2 IGNs review is UP ! Judging by this review, it looks like a SICK game !!! CANNOT WAIT ! The story is well scored, better than i thought...