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    kinda pissed right now

    So I decide to get on R2 today to find out that all of my stats have been wiped clean. ****ing great. I look in my saves file and find corrupted data, so I delete. Well now ALL of my campaign data is wiped. Im really pissed now because that loss of all tha XP drops me three levels and to get it...
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    What to buy on PSN

    OK so I just went to both the blockbusters by my house, both of them had PSN cards but only the second store was able to activate it. Weird I know. Anyways I was just wondering what I should buy now that I am finally able to get something off of the PSN. Ive been playing a lot of warhawk lately...
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    MGO CQC question

    So I've been playing a lot of MGO lately. It's so addicting it postponed me on playing throught MGS4 a second time. I'm level three and have gotten a couple of my skills up to level two. CQC not being one of them I suck at it so much. I know you can't slit somebody's throat until level two but I...