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    FFVII:Crisis Core Limited Edition Pack and CoverArt,3800075348,20352895,00.htm There are only 77777 Limited Editions. 258,00yen.
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    FFVII:CC Jump festa Trailer enjoy.
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    PG 300 > The 300 :lol:
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    Ace Combat 6 to be on xbox360 Ouch,more kick to the balls.
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    Konami annouces Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles 3D rondo + Original 2d Rondo + a clean up SOTN = Win
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    Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer!! get it while it's hot!!
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    Do you wear shoes in the house?

    Now this a interesting topic,i notice is a common/uncommon thing in America while Majority of the other countries(which i hope is true) take out their shoes before entering the house. I don't wear shoes when in a house so how about you?
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    Attn to those who have Persona 3

    Persona 3 Fes - PS2 - April 19 2007 Normal Edition + Append Edition Price Undetermined (Append Edition requires Persona 3 disc) ost-game addition: - 30+ hours of additional content in the new post-game "Aegis Chapter" - This chapter will have voice, cutscenes, new anime FMVs and new...
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    FFVII CC tgs trailer Wow graphics looks great plus it's coming out next year 2007 and end of 2006 is the demo released.
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    Amazing...a modded xbox360 laptop *56K Warning* zomg i would totally kill for this.
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    The Final Fantasy Custom Sig/Avatar Showroom

    Basically this thread is for you to show off your custom made Final Fantasy Sig/Ava that you have created.I saw a few FF sigs/ava being shown around the threads but i don't like it being scatter all around. I start off first: Since im a big FFVIII fan so most of my FF sigs are based on it...
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    Crysis system Requirements

    Ok... from what i see most people computer is unable to play it, small portion of them barely meets the minimum which will still play like crap and very little gamers is able to run it perfectly. So not worth it for one game.
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    What does Japan think about PS3 now?

    i been floating around gaming sites to see that many people bashing the ps3 especially the Americans cause it's too Expensive. Now what i want to know is what Japan thinks of the Ps3 with all the stuff said about it at E3,are they hating it? loving it?is it because of the price?The lies? Are...
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    The Thread of Funny Game Pictures

    Ok lets post funny pics relating to games,consoles and people related to the consoles aka bill gates or kutaragi
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    Tired of the Internet?

    You know you feel that there's nothing to do on the internet nowadays except checking for infomation.Back i was young there's plenty of things i wanted to do on the internet.Now i have done all,i feeling like there's nothing to visit anymore,more like using it to look for infomation or...