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    Game of Thrones

    New series on HBO: Theme: fantasy, episode length: 1 hr, Stars: Sean Bean (Goldeneye, LOTRFOR) caught the premier last night. While the episode started slow, after the first 30 mins, it started to pick up. Looks like it will be a great show.
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    tracks you wish were in GT5

    so, after finally getting a moment to look through all the tracks in GT5, I feel that the list is a little thin in real world tracks. First, I think there should be a proper drag strip, like the one in GT4, but able to use online and in arcade. Anyways, what real tracks would you like to see...
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    do you use your real life car(s)

    so, with over 1000 cars, lots of people's real life cars should be in the game, do you own them and/or use them regularly? I bought a 95 Civic hatch, 91 Mazda MX-5 and 07 Mustang and I am currently using the Mustang the most
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    deck of cards (56k warning)

    I have a hobby of collecting unique decks of playing cards, I jumped at an opportunity to purchase a Bicycle Raider deck today and couldn't be happier with the purchase. check it out.
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    Force Unleashed 2 killed my PS3!

    so I started SWTFU2, got about half way through the first level, went to change my lightsaber and my PS3 froze for a moment then beeped and shut off with a blinking red light. I let it sit for a while, then I came back this morning and turned it on, it starts, with no picture, runs for about...
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    Samsung LCD tv tech question

    hey guys, I got a 40" Samsung LCD tv that is 3 years old now. It was amazing up until now. whenever I turn it on, it clicks like crazy and and doesn't show a picture for a varying amount of time, usually between 2 - 10 mins. Has anyone had this happen to their tv? what was the cause/fix? +rep...
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    Problems signing in April 6-7

    hey has anyone had any problems signing into PSN around April 6-7. I cannot sign in. It will say "error has occured you have been signed out" or "connection timed out". I have 3 accounts on my machine, not all mine. I tried the other 2, the one with no one on it and no trophies was able to sign...
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    anyone else think this is fishy

    so, a highly ill-received firmware is supposed to be released on April 1, anyone else think this is a little bit fishy?? I mean, who knows, maybe Sony is totally oblivious to April Fool's Day, but I am not believing anything about this FW until I see it come up on my XMB.
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    treasure hunter trophy (FF13)

    hey guys, does anyone know if, for the treasure hunter trophy, you need to star all your weapons and accessories or just have had them at some point??
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    My quest to get FF13 for "free"

    so I checked the Best Buy (Canada) website, and they got a trade-in promotion for FF13: if you trade-in 2 of the qualifying games, you get FF13 for free. I take a look at the games they got listed and I see 3 that I got: WWE Smack vs Raw 2010, NHL 10, and Punch-out (Wii). I got no problem...
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    new rizems

    just picked up my new 20" rims for my Mustang.
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    My brother finally learned his lesson

    so my 14 yo brother wanted to get BF Bad Company for 360. he didn't have enough cash, so he decided to trade in a couple games. despite numerous warnings by myself and our other brother, he went to EB Games. He has done this before, and still has a trade-in credit there of like $4.50...
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    The Olympic torch came thru

    This morning, The Olympic torch ran right in front of my work. I ended up arriving at work at 6:30am because we were told that the road would be closed at 7, well the road is question was not closed, but the torch ran thru at about 7:45am. I was like 3 feet away from the guy. When the games were...
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    my cousin ordered porn

    during the Christmas break from his school, my 17 year old male cousin slept over at my family's place for a few days. Everything was all good. Just a few days ago, I was wondering why my tv bill was so high, so I looked it up and found 4 movie orders at $12 each. the weird thing was that there...
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    most memorable Platinum

    **I did a quick search and couldn't find anything like this, but if there is, please merge** We hear about easy Plats and very hard Plats, but what is the platinum that was the most memorable for you? Mine would be inFamous. It was my first plat and the joy of seeing the platinum come up...