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    The $99 Xbox 360....with a catch

    This COULD be a great deal, depending what other subscriptions are included.
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    [RUMOR] Report: Microsoft Phasing out Microsoft Points

    This would be a welcomed change!
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    Gamestop's answer to the online pass

    Looks like it will cost them some money but used game buyers will get what the new game comes with.
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    Batman: Arkham City to receive multiple perfect scores!

    Exclusives! Who needs exclusives? Looks like Batman:AC is getting some 10/10 review scores. Can't wait! If this info is correct, I can't ever recall any multiplatform video game getting more than...
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    Sony to require on-lines passes for all future PS3 games

    And so it begins..or continues....
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    Adblock Plus for Firefox and

    Using this to block ads here at PSU has dramatically improved site performance. Anyone else using it?
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    Help streaming movies

    I have some movies that I am trying to stream to my PS3, but the video constantly pauses (trying to catch up I suppose) and then restarts. I'm doing it wireless and I'm thinking that the signal might not be strong enough. Is there a way to have the video buffer for a bit before it starts...
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    I finally got a PS3

    Well I finally took the plunge. I just bought the God of War collection and ordered a used copy of Ratchet & Clank: TOD.
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    Resistance 2 or KZ2

    I'm a big big fan of shooters. Which is better, R2 or KZ2? I can't decide which one to get.
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    I was looking for a break from shooters so I picked up Kameo for $10 at Lamestop. I played it a little when the 360 released but didn't get more than a hour or so into the game. I about half way through it now and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great adventure game. It's very...
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    Miner Wars, an MMO for PC and ... XBLA?

    I'm not sure what to think about this one. :? I can't fingure out the MMO part or the FPS part. It reminds me of an old PC game named Descent.
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    MS Showing Exciting Unannounced Project at Comic-Con A new Perfect Dark, Crimson Skies, who knows?
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    Rumour: Rockstar New England Working on 360 Exclusive
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    Dante's Inferno gameplay trailer This game looks badass, very badass. Day one purchase for me.
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    RUMOR: Hulu coming to the 360

    I didn't write the article title, the article's author did. Microsoft's New Ad Deal: Why Hulu Blocked PlayStation?