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    Official God of War: Ascension Thread

    I've search I didn't find one but here it is. This game is fucking awesome!!! I stayed up till 3:30am playing it last night. Spend about half playing the one player mode enjoyed it then tried the Multiplayer online and couldn't stop playing! I'm still trying to get the move sets down evading...
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    [Opinion] Hardcore Gamer?!?!?! Are you Serious Bro?

    The Term “Hardcore Gamer” What is it to you? The term hardcore gamer is a term that I feel is thrown around too much and is used by some to insult another gamer. However what does it mean? What makes you a hardcore gamer? Playing FPS shooters on PS3 or Xbox360, playing games like God of war or...
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    Miyamoto Prepares Nintendo For His Retirement

    Source: My body is not ready for this....This man is a damn legend!
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    13 year old stabs Brother over PS2

    Source: When keeping it real goes wrong smh lol
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    Cloud Gaming is NOT the future says Nintendo

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    [Wii U] Nintendo Land

    Intro Have you ever wanted to go to a theme park that is based on Nintendo characters? Dress up in silly costumes based on your favorite Nintendo IP's? Sure you did I don't care how old you are even if you have children any gamer would LOVE to be able to experience that and share it with their...
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    [McDonalds] McRib community review

    In all of the 30 years of my life. I've never had a McRib sandwich. Today was a very hectic 10 hour day at work. So half way thru the nightmare of the day I had decided to finally after 30 years of life have a McRib Sandwich! While I was in the drive thru line I wanted to know what all the...
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    [Nintendo 3DS] Hardware Review

    Price: 169.99 -199.99 (XL Model) Released 8/19/2012 Intro and History: Nintendo began experimenting with 3D technology in the 1980s. The Famicom 3D System, an accessory consisting of liquid crystal shutter glasses, was Nintendo's first product that enabled stereoscopic 3D effects. Although very...
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    [Wii U] New Super Mario Bros. U

    Intro:This is the first Mario title since N64 (Super Mario 64) to be released with a New Nintendo Console at launch. This is the 4th entry into the New Super Mario Bros. Franchise first in HD. Story:Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad 1 and Toad 2 are having what appears to be Brunch (if I had to...
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    Any Resolution, Goals, or Changes for 2013??

    We got 16 days left in 2012 or for some 6 or 8 days left before the world ends lol... If the world doesn't end do you personally have anything you would like to change or any goals you have for 2013. Discuss....
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    [Nintendo 3DS] Mario Kart 7

    MarioKart 7 is 7th installment of the Mario Kart franchise also the first and most likely only Mario Kart released on the Nintendo 3ds Its credited along with a price cut and Super Mario Land 3d for turning around the fortunes of the (at the time) Struggling 3ds. Modes Single Player Grand...
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    [Nintendo 3DS] Paper Mario Sticker Star

    By DeviousOne Brief History: This is the 5 installment in the Paper Mario Series. Paper Mario Sticker star is the first paper mario series to be release on a Nintendo Handheld System. Story: In this Paper Mario Installment we find Mario, Peach, and all the toads of the mushroom kingdom...
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    [PlayStation 3] WWE 13

    WWE 13 is the newest WWE game released by THQ. Second WWE Series title (WWE 12 being the first) fifteenth in the overall series. As a fan of WWE I obviously had initial interest in this game. Last year's WWE 12 debuted a new engine predator 2.0 engine this years WWE 13 is running the same engine...
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    Sony Worldwide Studios Head Bought a Wii U, Asks for "Friend Requests"

    His body is ready! Classy guy Source :
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    Local Gamer (Orlando FL) selling impressive Video Game collection!

    Source: This is Local to me (Orlando FL) LOL I contacted this guy i want to see this in person lol