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    After I graduate high school in June, I plan (or want) to spend a lot of my summer playing Airsoft. I'm just physically getting into it now, but I've been following it for almost about a year now. I'm just wondering if there are any who play on this forum, and if you could pass on some tips or...
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    "Smashingly Successful Start for Proton Supercollider"

    I'm no scientist or anything, and I really have no idea whats going on other than this being very helpful in finding out a bunch more about the universe. Seems important though, and I remember the whole scare about this giant ring thing when it was first made public. Seems interesting anyways...
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    Title Fight/Four Year Strong request

    Lots of stock images to choose from, effects aren't really needed unless you want to. I might ask to add in some quote or something, we'll see. Feel free to make them whatever size. I'll give all entries rep and I've got some SP for those who want it as well. I'm hoping to take a bunch home so I...
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    iTunes/iPod question

    I got a new computer, and I just finished installing iTunes. The thing is, I want to plug in my iPod (which has all of my old music on it), but I don't want it cleared. I would like it, if possible, to have it all just put on to the new iTunes. Is this even possible? +rep for help Edit...
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    Poetry by Ahnold.

    it made me lol :lol:
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    Worlds tallest skyscrapers

    YouTube- Skyscrapers 2009 - The World's Tallest Buildings The last one (tallest EVAR) just opened up. Pretty insane, people are dubbing it a "superscraper" :lol:
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    Rest In Peace (The Rev) Unbelievable. He was way too young, and had such great talent and presence. One of the best drummers of modern music, I'm glad I got to see them twice before this tragic event. RIP Talk about a depressing year... :(
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    Make me something uberkewl.

    Uhh.. yoooo. I'm kinda naked in the sig area. Anyone wanna help out? Sub sized, do what you want. I has lotsa moniez in the bank, I will pay to the most stellar job done :p
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    Beggars - Thrice

    It was released digitally earlier on in August for iTunes due to a leak, and today it is released in retail (in the US at least), and the retail comes with a Helter Skelter cover, two remixes of songs originally on the album, and two unreleased songs. My copy is on the way to my house as I type...
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    Funny Talking Animals (Dubbed)

    YouTube - Funny Talking Animals - Walk On The Wild Side Preview - BBC One Friend sent it to me, thought it was great :lol: I think there are a couple more videos like that if you just follow on to the channel or something... Sorry if posted already.
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    Just Cause 2 Vertical Gameplay Featurette Trailer (contains sexy)

    YouTube - Just Cause 2 Vertical Gameplay Featurette Trailer [HD] This game looks beyond sexy and tons of fun, gonna have to give it no less than a rent. I have a feeling it's going to slip under the radar though...
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    Marvel vs. Capcom 2 anyone?

    Got around to getting it today and it feels good to be playing a quality fighter again (even though I'm nowhere near as good as anyone I've played online). $15 download off PSN was worth it, I'm going to be spending a lot of time on it trying to get my skills up to par with others, hopefully to...
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    Your Top 5 Bands/Artists?

    Simple question! I know lots of people on this forum have some good taste... :D Mine in no specific order (except #1 :heart:) 1. Thrice 2. Rise Against 3. Pink Floyd 4. Metallica 5. Led Zeppelin
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    Question out of complete curiosity..

    If I were to go to Gamestop right now, and trade in the following all towards a 360 Pro (not saying I will, I am aware of the massive rip-offs. I'm just curious), how much do you think I would get in store credit?: PS3 40GB One sixaxis controller + USB plug thing Official Sony Headset Killzone...
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    COD4/MW2 helicopter should be more like the KZ2 airbot

    Pretty much, if the helicopter in MW2 were to be improved in any way (my opinion), it should deal the same amount of damage that the airbots in KZ2 do. The heli was one of my (and many others, I know) major annoyances in COD4. Since we know that you can only get a heli at 7 kills, obviously you...