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    PS Move and Kinect

    So i got a chance to try the Kinetic in Toronto, canada and I was very impressed. I am what u call a Playstation Fan boy, but i am going to have to get a 360 just to get the Kinetic. My uncle bought the Move and having to calibrate every time you wanna play was a bit annoying. What do you...
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    GT5 Mic setup

    I don't know if this has been posted but when you race online can you talk to the other racers during the race and talk trash or even ask them to give you an open pass because you are going alot faster?
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    PS3OT NBA 2k11 Franchise

    Is anyone interested in playing Nba 2k11 on the Ps3. Where are going to be doing a money league to make things more interesting. Everything will done in franchise mode with an online draft to avoid teams that like the Miami Heat. If anyone is interested post in this section. We are going to...
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    Fifa 10 or PES 2010

    What should i play? I have always been a winning 11 player but Fifa 10 is huge with tons of players.
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    WTF IW and Party migration Problem!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone else have any problems when you have a party of six and 5 players get into the match and drops 1 of your players in the party? Then need to fix this because last nite it kept dropping players.
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    Uncharted Beta Expired.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Or is it just me and i want play!!!!
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    Best Buy Deal.

    Best Buy currently has a deal buy any Ps3 game and get the second Ps3 half off. This is for any game. I bought a cod:waw with my friend and saved 15$.
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    Guitar Here Adding A Turntable!!!!

    I think this game will be very interesting to see when this game sees light cause i know i will purchasing this game for sure!!!!
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    Will Ea Ever do Trophy Support?

    hav they made trophy support mandatory yet because all games should have support. i want all the sports games to have support because i play sports games the most.
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    Madden 09 exporting Replays to Hard drive?

    Is it possible to export the replays in madden to the hard drive so can watch it out side of madden and transfer the video to like for example youtube or something?
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    US PS3 Work In Europe?

    My aunt just bought an 80 gig ps3. She will be taking the ps3 to Madagascar which uses 220 voltage. Will the Ps3 automatically convert to 220? Or does she need a special converter to make it work in Madagascar?
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    Pissed at Sony!!!! GTA4

    I just called Sony about my Ps3 and I am Pissed!!!! I have never had problems with Sony Products until today and I am pissed!!!! I called them and told them that GTA4 keeps freezing and I can't play the game. She told me because i reset everything into default setting and the PS3 is out of...
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    60Gb and 80Gb What Is the Difference

    Well As alot know there are people out there that have the 60gb launch Ps3 and cannot play GTA4. Well I have the 2 year warantee on my launch Ps3 and I was thinking about going into best buy and exchange the Ps3 to an 80Gb. Is there anything different in the 2 systems. IF there is no...
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    GTA4 Problem

    So last night I went ahead and back all my saves on to my external hard drive and did a Reformat on my computer. That took about 4 hours. So when that was complete I re-installed GTA4. So I started playing and this time it worked until I left Michelle's house at the beginning of the game and...
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    Ps3 Need in-Game XMB **Reason**

    The other nite I was playing NBA 2k8 and my friend emailed on the PSn,,so i quit my game to check the message. Then I email him back and i wait for a response, he doesn't respond so i get ready to jump back into NBA 2k8. As soon as I jump back into 2k8he pm's me so i just hit the PS button...