• Alright. Yeah, I'm new. Looking to dedicate to a forum for a change, giveaways help too. How's being an editor/reporter for this site?
    I didn't realize that was the Lakers theme, but I did think it was fantastic. It almost made my eyes bleed.

    That's right! Gotta love the classics. And as long as you keep commenting, we can still shoot the shit.
    I was a bit surprised to see a friend invite from a staff member.
    Im not in the forums very often now, but I always pass by PSU to stay up-tp date & keep my small comments there.
    I couldn't help notice the lack of comments on that piece of news. I guess it points to the new generations lack of knowledge on old classics. Which would point to the reason it may be brought to console.....the difficulty in competing with PC games of the genre, and that it would be seen as new on console.
    I hope they make a great job of it. Its been so long since i even saw the game that I have just faint memories of it.
    Your not liking the Lakers color scheme?

    Oh, thanks for making the article thing about the Dead Island patch!, I'm going to play that game all weekend.

    I changed it, in the settings, I made all the black white, and all the white black.
    Thanks for the friend invite :) I was so tired when i accepted, I didnt notice the brown name :)
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