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    New Drive Club trailer
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    Does anyone know why neither system has 802.11ac?

    I know the standard is still pretty new but I wonder why it didn't make it to these consoles.
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    Man and woman with same name met through Facebook, getting married
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    God of War III is coming out this year
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    Street Fighter IV review Less than a week away.
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    Breaking bricks with his bare feet.

    YouTube - Brick Kicker(Breaks Brick With Toes)
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    HAWX challenges I assume that all of these won't be trophies. There are too many to list so follow the link.
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    Hideo Kojima's Hit List: Fifteen movies that influenced Metal Gear Solid. I have seen most of these and can remeber some similarities.
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    CES 2009: Prototype Impressions inFamous or Prototype, inFamous or Prototype, inFamous or Prototype.............
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    HAWX Hands-on I guess I'll give a chance :|
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    GamesRadar's Anti-Awards 2008 The Razzies of 2008.
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    Resident Evil 5 box art Follow the link.
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    God of War III Called 'Last Installment' I expect this game to conclude the God of War story line, but that doesn't mean they could do a prequel or side story.
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    The Youtube BlackOut So youtube is cracking down on videos with profanity and sexual content by automatically demoting them. Users are calling for a blackout starting Dec. 19th on...
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    White Knight Chronicles to Have Built-in SNS This sounds interesting.