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    I'm not that special mate but thank you. :)
    lmaaooo.. thanks for the advice. Thing is I do like getting mind****ed.. literally :p But dw.. I don't have enough money to smoke on a regular basis ;)
    I wrote it because you said you read my blog. :heart:
    I'm being serious!!! I'll sell my phone and get portal :p Getting a new phone tomorrow :D
    BB Codes? Wow.. I'm not on your level :(
    Free DLC ftw!
    how long did it take to finish?
    Oops, then I deeply apologize for forgetting. I do recognize the user name clearly but didn't know if I sent you a friends request or not.
    You're like the third person who sent me a friend request recently. Did I do something wrong?. :)
    ****ing LOL!

    Don't mind me. I'm just in need of some attention :(

    Like my new profile pic? It's not Rebecca Black.
    Sorry for the late reply.. don't have time for PSU anymore :/ Anyway, you up for some games tonight?
    yea that's the one.
    well it's not what many people think. it's just that i think most colors look the same. for example:- to me:
    blue looks like purple and sometimes pink (vice versa)
    yellow looks like orange and green.
    red looks like brown.
    but i can see and recognise some types of red yellow and blue knowing that it's red, yellow and blue. for example i know that your name is in yellow but people in the design squad, i won't know cause i think they are SMC's.
    but long story short, i can see some colors but i can't recognise it. i don't even know the colors in my sig but i see that it's bright and i like it.

    kinda confusing but dw. not many people understand.
    you sure \have a lot of sigs to rotate. i'm color blind but it's like a blueish, purpleish, pinkish color and i think there's someone with an umbrella in it. it was the one that you had just before the spyro one.
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