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    Sorry mate but no, EVERYONE is starting from scratch. We're using a whole new system, it's the only fair way to do it.
    Well I bought my Bumper when I bought my phone, on the same day, launch day!

    When they announced the case programme where people get them for free I got a refund automatically so in essence, it was free.
    I never had any issues using my iPhone 4 without the bumper! What I would say though is the bumper makes the phone less slippy and easier to hold.
    Wow!oh my that's so cool. Did you enjoy playing all those games?

    BTW this is your gift. I hope you like it :]

    Yeah I hope so, but he's been a bit snowed under with RL recently so may not have touched base with everyone yet. I certainly haven't heard from him for a while....... Although I have been absent for a bit myself, LOL!
    Good question, haven't seen him in a while, his account may have been compromised by the hacker as while back?!?!
    I don't know if he did or not, I haven't got a clue, that's my whole point.
    I don't know what seb has done with them to be honest, for all I know they could be incompatible with vB4.0.

    and yes, seb owns the servers.
    none, I think it's a safe bet to consider them gone.
    yeah, it definitely suits me better.
    my name on here used to be notanovice, I had it changed years ago once I had created my PSN account.
    go ahead and add me dude, I'll accept it the next time I'm on.
    yeah i've got both, haven't played them forna while though.
    of course i do, mostly play warhawk at the minute but gt5 will be taking up my play time once that comes out.
    title done.

    and you don't need to give me the colour code for black :lol:
    dude, I haven't got time to come up with titles for people.

    just PM me what you want, be sure to mention if you want it bold. and if you want a colour, be sure to give me the colour code from the chart in the thread in the welcome and info section.
    haha thanks for looking at my tumblr ><

    best limited edition ever!!!

    Sorry for the late reply... I wish this website NOTIFIED ME WHEN I GET A VM~
    Hey I'm okay~ Back to where? ahem may I know? xDxD

    Nah I don't have a twitter but do you want me to join so I can stalk you? ;p

    My internet if you mean my PSN internet nope. Doesn't work.
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