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    #jrpgvita dominated by Tales

    Hell yeah, I'd buy it day one! I have to admit that Shahid is really growing on me!
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    New Little King's Story

    Its a fun little title! Sometimes there appears to be too many things going on at once and the Vita slows down, which gets annoying. Otherwise the graphics are good and the gameplay, while a little simplistic, make for a decent real time strategy game.
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    Freedom Wars

    With a bit of luck this will have more RPG elements than another Monster Hunter-ish game, maybe something more akin to Dragons Dogma?
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    Freedom Wars

    I read somewhere that the date is when more information will be released.
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    NFS: MW might be the best damn Vita game out there!

    This is one of my favorite games on Vita. It plays fantastically!
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    'Most Wanted' on Vita is a 30-frames-per-second wonder (Pics/video)

    I've been really enjoying this title so far. People have complained about the traffic density but, even if it is less than the PS3, the roads can still feel busy.
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    Spy Hunter Vita

    Does anyone have this game yet? From looking at the trailers the car models look pretty ugly (usually a bad sign) which is making me hesitate to buy this. Is this game any good?
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    Sega announces Demon Tribe for PSP, Vita and WiiU.

    Since getting my Vita I've been slowly making my way through the PSP RPG's I missed. I can't recommend Growlanser highly enough!
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    Valhalla Knights, Gundam Breaker and More!

    I've always like Valhalla Knights, despite the flaws. I'll be getting this.
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    Ys Celceta: Sea Of Trees

    I really like the last Ys released on the PSP so I hope this will find it's way here.