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    Favourite Beatles covers

    Anyone know of any good covers? at the moment i'm listening to the jam - and your bird can sing
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    You're 5 greatest football (soccer) players of all time and ultimate team

    I'm always interested to see who people consider to be the best. Mine is: George Best Garrincha Ronaldo (Fenomono) Messi Xavi My ultimate team is Buffon Baresi Beckenbauer Maldini Gullit Xavi Norman Whiteside Messi Best Ronaldo Garrincha
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    Rumor: NGP to be called PS Vita, will launch with Uncharted: Golden Abyss

    The dacia sandero Good news, the dacia sandero will be launched later this year :)
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    Jaguar XJ13 Chrome Line and Home Racing Suit for FREE! works EU account only

    Saw this on gtplanet, couldn't see it here so sorry if posted already, i've tried it and its defiantly not a scam.
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    Building my first pc, advice please :)

    Im looking to build a pc for about £650 - £700, i've listed a few components below, it's my first build so any advice would be nice :D
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    PES 2010 messi motion cap video

    The video also contains an interview with Messi but I have no idea what there talking about :)
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    PES 2009 messi motion cap video

    sorry double post:(
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    PES 2009, possibly champions league licence

    Good news for PES fans including myself :) however this is only a rumor
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    First Gta review in OPM on 22nd April

    Not only are we getting the worlds first review there is also the latest on TIMESPLITTERS 4!!!
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    Pro evo soccer, how does the gameplay hold up tp the ps3 version?

    This is something im really interested in buying, i already own the ps3 version but this looks like a completely different experience. i enjoy playing attacking football with lots of through balls so how is the through ball system? is the wiimote accurate enough for "sexy football". Thanks for...
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    Ps3 cant read disks :(

    Unfortunately my European 60 gig verson is no longer reading any disks (blu-ray dvd or cd), does anyone know if there is a fix for this problem because if i return it to the shop they would probably just replace it with the 40 gig version which i would prefer to avoid if i could. any help...
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    Free radical blog look at week 12, this secret lucas arts project is starting to get on my nerves, does anyone know when it will be "unsecret"? also if its not battlefront 3 then i want all resources put towards timesplitters 4!
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    R:FOM 2 definately in development

    in the new issue of OPM (official playstation magazine) in the UK there is a big advert on page 36 (i think its that page) that says theres an exclusive on the game in next months magazine!
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    Matrix!!! finally matrix on BD! sorry if allready posted couldnt see it
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    THE MOST IMPORTANT SPORTING EVENT OF THE YEAR!!! (results now in) The soccer am dance off is over for another year, please dont read on spoiler ahead!!! surprise victory for trevor!