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    How far will you go for your phone?

    Article Here The ironic thing is that she's 25 years old and honestly tried to swallow her phone rather than give it up. :shock:
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    Ever made the mistake of leaving your car unlocked?

    Finding a $15,000 ring in your unlocked car... What is the world coming to? :lol:
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    According to Microsoft...

    According to Microsoft you haven't seen anything yet. This is straight off of Microsoft.Com's Xbox Section, so a lot of it could be false advertising.
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    How you first came by ps3fourms

    I was wondering how a lot of you guys found this site since there are a lot of people on these boards and I never heard of it until i was redirected here by a ps3 search in Google.
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    What would you like to see in v.3.0

    I would definatnly like to see support for more music and video playback and if sony could increase the volume of the psp speakers since there was a rumor that sony had done that in v.2.6.