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    Infamous 2 gameplay Haven't seen it all but apparently has the Beast fight in it. :o
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    Nyan Cat+Robot Unicorn Attack=? Epic miaow sounds and you can play.
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    Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 trailer Not sure what to make of 1:13. That wasn't in the book? Seem like quite a big change. :(
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    Recomend me a TV please

    I got £700. Currant one is a ****ty 10 year old 25" samsung piece of junk so it's well overdue lol.
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    Titan Trials

    What stats would you recommend to do the Titan Trials. I done two of the E ones (missions 49 and 50). But keep getting killed by Neochu :( Any tactics for Neochu? I tried using Vanille/Fang/Hope with sab/syn/sen but heard sab/med/sen is better. Vanile has Nirvana (improved debuffing) lvl 50ish...
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    'Robot' owns kid on XBL lol fake GF too :(
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    Easy request

    For somereason I'm banned on planetrenders. just download a render for me and post here please. It's on the home page right now looks like that thanks and PR are fail
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    Gordon Brown and David Cameron pole dancing on the London Underground! :O

    YouTube- Brown and Camron Poll Dancers upset London commuters lol at comments 'stiff' opposition :O lol EDIT: just saw some cameras come out :O
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    Best Simpsons Into?

    YouTube- The Simpsons - Kesha - Tik Tok It's funny but song is ****
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    How to eat when you have no money

    YouTube- FREE MEAL AT MC DONALD'S (REMI GAILLARD) Does not apply to tramps unless they have a car
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    Parody Kiingz

    just stumbled across it and only listened to two songs so far but they are awesome YouTube- Parody Kiingz Present - MW2 Cookie Jar Parody YouTube- ParodyKiingz - Ke$ha - Tik Tok (MW2 Parody)
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    Friend list help

    When i sign into PSN i can see which of my friends are online but once i start a game it won't let me. I go to the XMB in game and check who is online but it shows everythign above my own PSN (ie players met) but all my friends don't show up but i got the number saying how many friends are...
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    Man of God declares 'women should shut up'! If God says so who am I to disagree :)
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    Under the map

    So the other day i was in my chopper gunner and all of a sudden it went under the map lol. Got a few kills as it only lasted 5 seconds or so. Has this happened to anyone else?
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    Just Getting Started

    How to you get this accolade? Description says:Warming Up