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    Mp PS3 Hates Me =(

    I just need to get this out as im a bit peed off and gutted at the same time lol I think I must be one of the unluckiest ps3 owners out there being on my 3rd ps3 n blah blah blah, last night I wanted to go on home but it kept prompting me for an update, and then my PS3 would just keep...
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    R.i.p 60gb =(

    It looks like my PS3 has decided to join the rest of it's fat family in the sky, I bought a new game and thought I would try it out, the game barely started when my PS3 turned off and left me a red blinking light, I can't turn it back on, and my new game is stuck in there, to top it off it's out...
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    Another Error Code 80023102 :(

    I just posted about this in the Apocalyps3 thread, and found a couple of people are having the same trouble as me, well for the UK at least, Anyone else getting this error while accessing the PS Store?
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    60GB Shutdown problem *Update YLOD*

    I wasn't sure where to put this but anyway, my brother has a 60GB PS3 and recently he told me that he will put in a game, play it, all fine then all of a sudden the PS3 just keeps shutting itself down, has anyone else had any experience like this, is it a warning sign of the YLOD, or just...