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    Sig & Avy request- ANYTHING revolving the colour green...

    can't be too hard, just throw in some cool effexts that have a graffiti tone to them also put the name pHeKz- there instead of E_E, in a graffiti font i'll offer whatever amount of SP, and mad propz :3 (respect) Thanks community! ^_^
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    PS3 HDD won't restore.

    My PS3 froze randomly, and when I went to restart it, the hard disk's file was corrupted, so I hit 'OK' when it asked me to restore. Waited as the green bar shot across the screen... my PS3 restarted itself. And the same question popped up on my screen: The system's hard disk file is corrupted...
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    The things ppl do to have good stats...

    YouTube- How x2LJ3x Does It (12 PS3s) Sad, really sad, omg idk wtf to say o,..,O
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    Yup, it's deadzor, what now? lol My warranty's long expired, so do I have to buy a new PS3? What do I do about the HDD, take it out? How do I fix it? I'm looking at some videos pn youtube, but I'm skeptical to rip open my PS3 looking for something that's probably not there. :?
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    Living photograph,

    True art, YouTube- Living Photograph: Chris with Teacup
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    Name songs that are better WITH cowbell!!

    Just post some songs that include a cowbell, making it sound better.... GO :d
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    Need A Clan banner 3,000sp +reps!!

    My KZ2/Mw2 clan is in talks with big gaming sponsers such as vVv Gaming, X30 Gaming, and Area 51 Gaming. So we need to look the part to impress We need a ****ing epic clan banner to rep ourselves. Here's the link to our site: The name is [vCx] Virtual Conflix, so be...
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    All Points Bulletin, (What GTA4 online should've been) I think this looks really fun, if it doesn't lag; the customization looks awesome too. Btw, anyone notice the rising of abbreviated game titles? Better for txtorz lol Anyway, I think if you could grab some friends, dress in pimpin' suits and...
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    Could someone make this in to an avy real quick plz?

    Just squeeze that so it can fits as my avatar please. :) I'll rep :DD
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    Commander in Chief... FINALLY!!!

    After playing this game since release, I finally reached the big 100,000. Got my third star, and feel great scaring the **** out of noobs :D Wish I got an exclusive gun though.. or at least a different character model. :?
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    Yes people, there is a website up to post your favourite collection of pictures of cats that look like hitler. I was instantly given the urge to post my hilarious pictures of cats that look like hitler when I say this... Seriously, who...
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    ROBOLEGS!!!! (from Japan) makes walking easier

    I don't get it, when was walking difficult?
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    Psycho Mall Walker :lol:
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    Japanese tranny music video (lolz)

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. I'm sorry but those Japanese are craazy, in a good way I laughed all the way through the video :lol:
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    YouTube - McRoll'd :lol: