• Alright, well, whenever you do decide to leave, good luck trying to find a better community.
    If I'm going to be honest here, F34R, the only thing that I find weak is that you choose to leave instead of trying to be a part of the change in helping the forum. When you and Tut came into my thread that one time pretty much expecting me to do nothing but ridicule and put down the staff, that's when I realized the irony of the whole situation. Most of the people who complain about the staff being unfair end up being horrible role models because they end up being the very things they fight against. And you know how easy it is to solve this whole thing. Use the report button, but make sure you look at the whole situation because most of the time you tend to overreact. That's what I've noticed anyway when I was an SMC. I think that your perception is skewed. But if that's your choice, then so be it. I'd much rather the reason be that you're busy with real-life ordeals because this whole "I'm leaving because I can't stand the staff" bit is getting old.
    I knew you hadn't really left the forums. Taking a break, maybe, but leaving? No. ;)
    I agree. He wasn't in any impressive fights other than 124 where he broke Koschecks' eye socket or something. And the Thiago Alves bout was awesome too. I didn't hear anything about the Nick Diaz rumor yet but if it's true, it would happen till at least November or December.

    Silva is in the main event at 134 in August 27 against Yushin Okami. I'm not sure if it's a title bout though.
    Yea I can admit that. There's this St-Pierre quote 'It doesn't matter if I win, it's how I win'. But I think Shields was too good for him to go with that motto. GSP just wanted to keep the title I think. But his next match against Anderson Silva will be awesome!

    I did a little searching on the net and found out the Matt Hughes is fighting Diego Sanchez in September 24 and the Lesnar and Dos Santos fight will be in June. Matt Hughes is only going to fight once this year :(
    when do you think ps3 homebrew will take off? i know it took years for the psp but hacking and homebrew is alot more popular now. Im getting tired of seeing multimans
    What types of things are you interested in? What type of passions do you have?
    *Mind Changed*

    Is their anything that you recommend that would help me in the future that i could do after high school?
    I think you misunderstood.

    I mean I'm thinking of going to an Academy because it could possibly help my mentality in keeping fit, bodybuilding etc. It would also look good on a resume :D

    And plus, it would make my future kid happy. He'd be bragging to his friends 'my dad looks like Superman and he was a cop' :lol:

    Your kid: 'My dad's used to be a mod on an internet forum' :snicker
    I'm just kidding.

    I'm thinking of going to a Police Academy or something after finishing High School before getting strict with MMA and my body. I think it will be a good discipline.
    Haha. I could imagine that.

    I saw on higgos' file that you had to take a poly test. What type of questions? Did you rape anyone? Did you ever steal? Things like that?
    9 weeks? ours is either 27 weeks or 14 weeks with 26weeks distance education haha Feds is like 24weeks which ultimately I wanna do

    I tihnk hassle for me is just the forms and the injections
    Mate when you were beocming a cop how long was the process? whats it like over there? cus over here I just had Hep B injection and gotta pay $300 for one their doctors to assess me and Justice of PEace to verify just about everything very lengthy
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