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    13 years.....Time to call it quits

    It's never dead here!! As long as it still accessible, I'll still pop in and post lol. PS5 launch will bring this community back to the glory days!
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    What You Can Expect From the Next Generation of Gaming
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    Just bought a Nintendo Switch!

    Switch has cost me tooooo much since launch lol. Love it to death.
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    Official "I Won't Be Around For A While" Topic

    If I was Admin, this site would have flourished beyond your wildest imagination!!!! Member decline is probably because Lethal is STILL Admin. He's a narcissistic sexy mofo!
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    Post your Xbox Live Gamertag!

    My gamertag is F34RTEHR34PER
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    Been quite a while...but I'm back!!

    Always love the "where are you now" posts lol. Lethal probably remembers the tvg ones lol.
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    Playstation 5 Price and Release Date Leaked

    I never really care that much what it looks like. As long as it kicks ass when using it, I'm all in (as with every stupid generation).
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    Post your Gaming Setup

    I've build my latest rig, and I'm loving it. Ryzen 3700x Gigabyte Auros Wifi Pro Mobo 32GB DDR4 3000MHz RAM 1TB Samsung EVO 970 m.2 1TB Samsung EVO 960 ssd 1TB Inland m.2 EVGA 2080ti hybrid Acer 27" Predator IPS G-Sync 144Hz monitor
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    Help send my girls to Broadway!!

    Everyone pretty much knows me here, and what I've been through. I haven't been able to go back to work for six and a half years and my case is still pending. My girls and one of their friends auditioned for BroadwayCon this year. Only 10 auditions out of the thousands make it to the final on...
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    [Update: COMPLETE] The Lethal Fear Trilogy

    Epic. Simply epic.
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    Official "I Won't Be Around For A While" Topic

    Nope, still the same as always.. as in, I'm the most awesome ever. :snicker
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    [Update: COMPLETE] The Lethal Fear Trilogy

    Well now.. there I am. All sexy!!!
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    Everyone should get God Of War!

    ... and I still haven't lol. Mine is still sealed in the awesome collectors box lol.
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    Everyone should get God Of War!

    I still haven't gotten around to this. :( I might get it done this week.
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    Virtual Console Is Not Coming To Switch, Nintendo Says

    It's kinda decent. Let's see how they role it out.