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    The best offline multiplayer game?

    I've been on this forum for almost a year now, and I'm finally going to go and buy a ps3, Littlebigplanets free. I'll get Farcry 2, The orange box and Unreal Tournement 3 for online unless theres some newer better games, NOT COD but I'm wondering what is your favourite offline multiplayer game...
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    Just wondering.

    I've had an IP ban for like 4 days, for no unspecified reason, WHY.
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    All these clubs.

    Well, Ive been gone away and suddenly these banners in sigs have all popped up. Originally, there was just quality posting initiative. Now theres. Dave W fanclub. Sony ninja force someguys kickass sigs Anti Dave W force Anime council. Does anyone have the links to where this clubs originated...
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    Pulp Fiction Signature and Avatar.

    Ok here's the catch. I don't have time to make anything Good in photoshop so i ussually just &[email protected] a picture in paint and write faggotry on it. So. I want a high quality Pulp fiction based Signature and Avatar. with whatever you think looks best. Rewards: If you make a signature. I...
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    Gears of war and UT3 to Similar?

    An Aquaintance of mine owns and Xbox 360, and has the game: Gears of War, but After buying Unreal Tournement 3, I've noticed Reaper looks way too much like the guy on the front cover of Gears of War. Are EPIC losing their Creativity? Discuss.
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    Is this worth it?

    So anyway. This is a laptop that I'm looking at buying. I live in australia, do you think this is worth it. Don't link me to alienware.
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    Best PC Online FPS?

    Whats the best PC online FPS? Im used to mmorpgs so i dont know any. Is there any good free ones?
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    Can't buy from shop?

    I have 1000 points and want to buy something from the shop why i click update order an error comes up.. Help?
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    What tv under 1500 would be awesome still for ps3

    What tv under 1500 would be awesome still for ps3??
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    Is buying a Psp for Crisis Core and Tactics Worth it?

    Well im considering buying a second hand Psp to hack and to play Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lion and Final Fantasy Crisis core, Is it worth it and are there any other ok games on it?
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    Whoever guesses what my Avatar is from gets rep.

    Whoever guesses what my Avatar is from gets rep.
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    Why is there an Anime review corner but no...

    Why is there an Anime review corner but no Movie or Tv Review Corners?! Is anyone allowed to start them? Cause There should be a Movie Review corner.
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    I think it's dead but..

    Ok. Heres the full story. I lent my friend FFXII, then he got into a large arguement with his father..about "Maths" I don't know the full story, but his dad smashed up his ps2. Not completely, but pretty bad jamming the disk drive. Now, my FFXII is stuck inside his PS2 and well, he says its...
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    Scrubs season 7.

    Its starting soon right? After the cliffhanger which was interesting, I WANT IT BAD. Tommorow Right?
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    Zero Punctuation Half life 2 part 2 and More God, Yahtzee is a great reviewer.. Discuss above review.