• Whats wrong with me? Its XianZle causing all the trouble. I am kinda in a bad mood, Vintage told me that Xian has the same email that i used to create my account. But i dont see how its possible.
    With all due respect, I can't be nice to someone who not only jumped in to try and get with Vixen as soon as he heard we broke up, but also prevented me from seeing my daughter for that weekend.
    I don't hate Blacksite, ha. We have a love-hate friendship, yeah, but not actual hate. As you know, the only one I hate on here is Carl and I have a valid reason for hating him.
    Sorry this took so long. Had to take care of real life stuff.

    I don't really watch too much TV honestly lol. That's one of the few shows that I HAVE to watch. I'm usually browsing netflix for old favorites of mine.

    I've been alright. Can't complain. Sleep pattern is abysmal atm, but things could be alot worse. How has life been treating you?

    I'm used to that feeling :snicker
    Well, unlike the case of when I got it, those sometimes go hand in hand. Besides, most of the major contenders for popularity are already subbed.
    Well, if you said, "accepting nominations for a poll" then nominations would come in. I mean you of all people should know that the best lolz happen on the situation, not just out of the blue. Like when I got all that respect for that small amount of time for the ban men pic I did.
    You should have a nomination giveaway for your sub. A thread like the one you made only brings out like the last few "I'll send live girls kissing and ****" posts. :lol:
    and the fact that alot of the kiddies around here are probably doing family things with their parental units for Father's day
    I figured if I posted something like that someone could take it and run with it, but not really working lol......
    Lol, you snooping in my other conversations? And lol @ offering to pay for other peoples subscription when you can't even see the section yourself ><

    And since I didn't seem to reply, I was a safe distance away from the quake. Still felt it though.
    Europe was fun. How you can travel a very ( relatively) small distance and the atmosphere changes so much. So many different cultures in a close vicinity.

    Japan was incredible though. Had always wanted to go there. Actually extended my stay a kittle bit because I was enjoyig it, and then the earthquake hit and ended up staying a lot longer to help out in anyway I could. Volunteering in the shelters etc. Was quite an experience seeing how the country was just turned upside down in short a quick period.
    IT technician, glamorous name, dont let it fool you, i do babys work....nice if you can get it :snicker

    just checked my ancient paypal account, it doesnt even have cards linked to it anymore, they all expired :snicker, is it possible to use that amount you send without it going into a card?

    20? is that the yearly amount?
    Things are getting back on track ya. Took a year off of, well life I guess lol. Spent a few months in Europe, a few months in south America and spent almost 6 months in Japan. But am back to the real world again lol with work and daily grind and so on,so ya am good now.

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