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    GP: Supreme Court rules against violent video game ban

    That's good news for us: it looks like no one will be after our games anytime soon after this ruling.
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    Interesting article/essay about "privacy"

    An interesting take on the "if you got nothing to hide" argument I saw floating around here regarding the justification of the new PSN ToS.
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    Rurouni Kenshin (a word of advice to virgin eyes)

    If you haven't watched Rurouni Kenshin yet, make sure to watch Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal first, then the Rurouni Kenshin TV series: I recommend watching the movie somewhere after Episode 21, then finally finish with Samurai X: Reflection. Chronological order basically. You'll thank yourself.
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    You hit a dog with your car: What do you do?

    Please vote as honest as you can. I've also added a "decline to state" as well. Just remember that this is all hypothetical, so don't take this too seriously. The choices are made as abstract as possible to allow for discussion, so don't bite my head off if you don't see the exact choice.
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    R2: Is it possible to stick together in Cooperative Mode?

    Aside from the party system, I find it hard to continue cooperative because everytime I find a game and join it. The moment the level is complete, I'm kicked out back to the menu screen. Is there a way to stay together with the random people I play with in cooperative? I had to play Chicago like...
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    Sony needs to take a hard-look at their HDD-Installs. (and do something)

    First, I hate HDD-Installs. They depreciate the console benefit of simply tossing in the disc and playing. They take up unnecessary space that serves little benefits to the PS3 gamer. With the inclusion of HDDs in every PS3, we'd hope that means short load times and overall stable experience...
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    GiantRealm: Kotaku Crushes Their Own Credibility

    Courtesy of the gents at N4G. I personally saw this coming and knew that Xbox-Pure was as fake as they come. There are more instances of Kotaku reporting rumors without fact-checking the credibility of the source, and this one drives the final nail. EDIT: If this appears to be Xbox 360 News...
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    Zero Originality- Down with Gamestop!

    Basically it's about a guy only known as "WhistleBlowerZero" -a former gamestop employee, making a "Yahtzee-style Zero Punctuation" video to expose Gamestop's dirty corporate practices and abused employees. I always said to myself that I hated the corporation, not the employees. Click the...
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    Killzone 2: Noo~oo! They took out "reticle drag"! (self-coined)

    For all Killzone PS2 veterans of the ISA Assault-Rifle(M-82 AR) and Helghast LMG(Stova SAW), you all know what I'm talking about. I am sad about this because I felt it was this unique quirk that made the weapons more satisfying to use. It's not going to kill the experience for me, but I just...
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    Sound Output is suspiciously low for HDMI

    TV: 32" Vizio VX32L HDMI Cable: Syba 16" MSRP $13 PS3 Audio Setting: 2.1 Linear PCM 44.1 hz I dunno why, but I feel that my sound output isn't as great as it should be. On my actual speakers I had to turn it up to like 25-30, but when watching TV, I can hear just fine at 15. Any body have any...
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    Rep power, post count is visible again?

    Why is that? I found unnecessary to display such things. I found that color bar below our stars were good enough. Also the stars as well.
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    I will never contact any of you via PSN for Gamesharing.

    With the recent ramblings of scam artists posing as forum members on this site; I just want to make clear that I will never "randomly" send messages and/or friend requests via PSN. If anyone sends any messages to you with my PSN Name or PS3Forums name attached, ignore it or report it. It's not...
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    Earthquake in LA and Riverside. (5.3)

    I'm just a bit concerned for some friends down in Socal. Anyone living between LA and Riverside feel anything? Is it serious? I'd call them myself, but I didn't want to clog up the phone lines with the locals there trying to call Emergency services.
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    The Wii should've launched with 1:1 motion sensing.

    Don't you think? It's a simple topic. With the annoucement of the Wii-Motion Plus being able to actually detect the position and orientation of the Wii-Mote, it sounds like this should be the "real" motion-sensing. This is what Red Steel should've been like. Im' not saying that the current...