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    Some new photos from me. (Concert, christmas, misc.)

    Been out a few times since I posted so let me know what you think again ladies and gentlemen. ;)
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    Sounds stupid, but should I back up my PS3?

    Yo. To cut the story short, I have a release 60 GB PS3 and I don't want to lose everything as apparently these things are breaking all over the shop. Is there any damn cheaper way than spending 30 quid on a 60GB external harddrive to back this thing up or should I just leave it? Any advice is...
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    Tenzin gets ALL the ladies. (An Uncharted picture Story by FatalBeliever)

    Some pretty immature humor that I came up with. Just pushing Uncharted 2's features to their limit. ;)
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    Some of Fatal's stuff.

    I hope I'm doing this right maaaan. I've been hovering around this section for a while so I should probably get some of my stuff in. If I've messed up the way things work in the section, don't hold back from flaming me. ;) (All of my concert photography is done with a press pass and permission...
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    Long time no see.

    How's it going friends? Haven't been here for..well, a long time. Complicated reasons. Didn't expect to still have a DS status really when I came back. Anyway, I've been slow on graphics recently but I have got something you guys can laugh at. Anyway, I was just hoping you could all give me...
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    Would you like to see a tutorial made from my current tag?

    So a few people have asked about my current signature, and I'll happily make a tutorial for it if I have a decent amount of people that are going to read and/or use it. I'm really busy with a lot of graphics work requests from websites and members from here pm'ing me over stuff so I need to...
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    :HIDEO KOJIMA Tag Tutorial:

    Tag V Tutorial V Sorry it's taken me so long to get this made, had a lot of trouble finding the PSD. Anyway, this tag got a lot of good criticism from here so I thought it'd probably be good to get it in a tutorial for the people of the Design Corner. Hope you enjoy it, I spent one of my...
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    PS3 Dynasty Warriors 6 Impressions/Review (Spoilerless)

    So I came back from a neighbors funeral today to find DW6 lying on the floor having come through the letterbox. So, I change out of my suit and chuck it in. The intro video is pretty much the exact same from then trailer released with about 4 seconds of extra footage. You are then put into the...
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    Fatal is back, with a new signature.

    So here it is guys. Haven't opened up Photoshop is quite some time. Comments appreciated. And for those who don't know my work, here is some previous stuff. My work : Good to be back. :cool:
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    Ideas on what to buy to make a great looking PS3 Set-up?

    This Christmas I'm uprading to an HDTV and re-decorating my room. The first thought that I'm having is that I want to have a great looking set-up with my PS3. I'm really bored of just having my PS3 ontop of my drawers. I've already looked at the blue lights you can buy and I'm pretty much...
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    Zoibie Vs. FatalBeliever

    Zoibies entry : FatalBelievers entry : Vote for your favourite sig. Good luck to you Zoibie :)
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    Warhawk - Major headset problems.

    Hey, sorry if this is in the wrong place. But, today I went out and bought Warhawk (Great game and I'm really enjoying it.) I got everything done with the headset, but whenever I get into a game and someone else talks, all I hear is muffled jibberish? I don't mean like words I can't understand...
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    Sub-sections in the Design Corner?

    Lately the design corner has gotten a little untidy and cluttered with various things such as, member vs. member battles, signature show offs, tutorials, tourneys, SOTW's, novice SOTW's and the occasionally different thing. Wouldn't it be a good idea to have a few sub sections inside? Maybe...
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    FatalBeliever's Tutorial Bin

    FatalBeliever's Tutorial Bin I've been looking through my tutorials (That I've either bought or made) and figured I'd get them to you guys. I'll be regularly updating this post with new and old tutorials as I find them and ofcourse, when I make them for you guys. Here's just a few I have...
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    Information on new PSN Games.

    Obviously everyones heard about the new PSN games to be released, but so far I've only heard names and no details, I read through this and I know what they're about now. If it's been posted, sorry, just for people who missed anything such as myself...