• Whenever I play SSF4 or AE, I still use Ibuki. Just haven't been playing the game all that much recently. I'm gonna try to go to TNL this weekend and play some AE.

    Btw, try and read your opponents when you play. Make notes of their tendencies. If you know these guys are reversal happy, you can use that against them with safe jumps and etc; Especially if it's a DP without an FADC to make it safe. You can punish them HARD and force them to think before taking action.
    AH3 is releasing next week tuesday on PSN and EU should be getting a 360 release too as well I believe.

    V-Ryu is godlike as they say. He makes her a legitimate threat in console Super just like J Wong did. Wait until the AE DLC reaches consoles. You will see ALOT more Maks.
    Doing okay. Trying to get together for more local Arcana Heart 3 play but New York isn't too interested in the game it seems :(

    And Makoto has alot of interesting setups that lead to relentless pressure. If you're playing online people are much more prone to mashing DP rather than just reading your tendencies and adjusting accordingly. You'll find yourself baiting the DP at a more frequent rate online. Punish them for it to make them respect your okizeme.
    Yes, I hate the new layout and it's lack of notifications.
    This place sucks balls nowadays. I only ever post in the Brit-thread.
    Ima stealin' yo VM virginity.
    Where you been man?
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