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    King of Fighters XIII Signature Request.

    Hi guys, was just hoping to get a KoF signature with my characters in it. - Athena - Kyo -...
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    Sakura Kasugano Avatar/Signature. 1500 SP and rep to all

    Hi. I think my avatar is a bit outdated :p I got into Street Fighter recently and I main Sakura so I'd like an avatar and signature of her :D I'd like that to be switched around so she's facing right and add whatever...
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    Rinoa Heartilly signiture/avatar :D

    I would like a signiture of Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII. Here is the picture I would like used for the avatar Could you like cover up the white with colourful effects and **** like that :p And this for the signiture please...
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    PS3 Eye as a mic problem.

    Ok me and a friend both use a PS3eye as a mircophone. So we were playing RE5 and everytime I talked there was an echo like straight after I talked. He doesn't have that problem and he doesn't hear my echo. Only I can. So I messed with the echo canceller and it tells me to place my PS3eye near...
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    Playstation Move - Thoughts and Experiences

    For all the people who have the Playstation move now. Share your thoughts and experienes with it to help others decide on purchasing it. Is it really accurate? My room is fairly small so would a distance of 5-6ft work well? Is it playable while sitting down?
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    Final Fantasy X (Playthrough Thread)

    I just thought I would start up a FFX thread where we can discuss all things FFX. I started playing FFX and loving it. Keep all spoilers in spoiler tags
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    In search of a fighting game.

    I played this fighting game on a demo when I was young. I can't remember the title of the game. It was on the PS1 It was a fighting game, you could run all over the map, the camera was kinda looking down at the people. It was 1 vs 1 fighting. In the demo, the map was like grassy hills and...
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    A Justintv header image request

    I'm broadcasting on Justintv now and I want a header for my channel If you don't know what it looks like. Just go on and go to any channel and most of them will have one. But here is the limit for it (Images must be 640x125px. 500kb max. GIF, JPG, PNG) I would...
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    Yuffie and Jill Valentine avatar/signiture. +Rep to all and 5k SP to winner.

    This is a request for a friend who's new on the forums. He can't make a thread so asked me to make one for him. The request from him is in 2nd post
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    Favourite character in FFXIII?

    Who is your favourite character in Final Fantasy XIII? Mine would have to be Hope with Vanille a close 2nd.
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    Favourite cutscenes in XIII? *Spoilers Ahoy*

    My 3 favourite cutscenes are So what were your favourite cutscenes in XIII?
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    BradyGames vs PiggyBack

    I want to know which guide is better in general? I'm going to buy a Final Fantasy VIII guide and I was wondering which guides are better in infomation, layout, design, ect.
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    Tifa vs Aeris?

    Just wanted to see your opinions on this. Who is your favourite character? Mine is Tifa.
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    Can anyone make me a Tifa and Aeris signiture/avatar? 3k SP to winner and rep to all

    I would like a signiture and avatar based on Tifa Lockhart and Aeris Gainsborough from FFVII. You can use any render you want. And do whatever effects looks nice. And an avatar of Tifa on her own with same effects to the signiture. I will give winner 1k SP and +rep to all. Thanks.
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    Can anyone recommend me a movie maker software?

    I currently use windows movie maker (XP) and I'm fed up with it. And I want to look for another software. I want the ability to organise files into "collections" like in windows movie maker. And be able to add effects and transitions. Basically I want something similar to windows movie maker...