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    What late gen PS4 games do you expect/want to see on PS5?

    Banking on TLOU having something on PS5. Would like to play it now, but don't really have any time. So years end it is lol. CDPR confirmed a while ago that cyberpunk would use RTX, so i think its a given that they'll ship on next-gen as well and ship with raytracing.
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    Has the PS5 price just been leaked

    Digital seems nicely priced. Disk one is overpriced imho - could be being used to subsidise some of the cost(loss) of digital one. Seen some outlets make note of the size of the ssd. Not too fussed about the size of the ssd personally. Fiber in our part of the world is coming up on 'done' in a...
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    Phil Spencer feels Series X has launch game advantage over PS5 (shock! horror!)

    From a technical perspective, i think that's a given. The SX boasts the higher specs, so by extension, it should boast higher 'numbers', tho this is probs mostly going to be seen as resolution increases. As for what titles they bring, there is unlikely to be many (if any) third party exclusives...
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    PS5 design thoughts

    I'm not fussed with the design tbh. I would like an all black variant tho. That being said, i preferred the Xbox one marketing and aesthetics, so that carries forward here. Hopefully the hefty size of the thing is accounted for with some decent cooling at least. Pro be like a jet engine at times.
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    Watch and rate the Full PS5 reveal event

    A black version of the console would be sweet. White version is probably gunna be Vegemite. But otherwise, looks ok. Rocking some massive vents, hopefully its got a fan to actually make use of it. Otherwise, those vents are just gunna act as one giant echo chamber... The ratchet and clank one...
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    Upcoming PS5 games reveal

    Event postponed: IMHO, they kinda need to show something that justifies the console. Between the two of them, Sony have gone the more 'bespoke' on design so need to show something that can't easily be done on a PC or rival platforms. Otherwise, they're down on power with nothing to show for...
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    Assassin's Creed: Valhalla will 'only' run at 30fps in 4K

    Sad thing is, i think everyone knows where this goes, as it always does. When presented with any sort of evidence on the contrary, we end up in this dumb round about spiral, where, at every turn, we get sly jabs in some odd attempt to bait some sort of confrontation, or derail any discussion...
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    Assassin's Creed: Valhalla will 'only' run at 30fps in 4K

    Hardly, but the irony is not lost on me tho. See my note in my previous post about function timings when hardware remains the same. Additionally, i don't see what this has to do with anything other than a quote from a dev?? We started off with 4K60 being a standard, not too sure what this is...
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    Assassin's Creed: Valhalla will 'only' run at 30fps in 4K

    That's where you're wrong, i'll get to why in a sec. Devs getting more out of the hardware over time... Not sure what logic is being applied here, but if they were pushing 30 in the beginning, with new, more heavy techniques, they still push 30... Not sure if somethings being lost in the middle...
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    Assassin's Creed: Valhalla will 'only' run at 30fps in 4K

    That's the opposite of whats going to happen. Hitting 60fps isn't something that you can work your way toward given [reasonable]time. It's something you design around. Ostensibly, regardless of what the game is, a 60fps game can only ever do half of what a 30fps game does. If a title can put...
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    Assassin's Creed: Valhalla will 'only' run at 30fps in 4K

    @TidalPhoenix got this spot on. See my post above for the reasoning against this point.
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    Unreal Engine 5 Revealed! | Next-Gen Real-Time Demo Running on PlayStation 5

    After an entire generation of new tech practically stalling, it's nice to see all these new cool idea's being explored. Next up will be AI generated real-time anims/physics/AI etc. Hopefully we squeeze that in next-gen as well. The tech they're showing off is stuff we've known about; Nvidia...
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    Assassin's Creed: Valhalla will 'only' run at 30fps in 4K

    I think this is a case of over-marketing your product. They kind of got away with it with the 'X'. Lots of hype, while conveniently steering away from the fact it still came with jaguar cores. They probs need to dial down the rhetoric a bit - tho, might not even matter considering the 'X' got a...
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    Assassin's Creed: Valhalla will 'only' run at 30fps in 4K

    If there was ever to be a noticeable jump in visual quality between this gen, and the next, then 4K60 as a standard was never on the table. The jump from 720p to 1080p was a little over 2x the pixel count. The jump from 1080p (which some games can't even currently hit) to 4K is 4x the pixel...