• You can say, it's alright. It terms of fun, its ok, a little better than FFXIII. Story's confusing if you don't use the forums and other Final Fantasy related forums.

    I think my life's getting better, actually. After this weekend, some good revelations and closures have taken place. I think the rest of the year maybe better than the shit I've been served the past year.

    How's you, bruv?
    Ahh don't worry about that liked thingy. Not a big factor.

    TBH man, I bought a MacBook and lost all the brushes, gradients, etc etc. I guess with that, lost all inspiration too. Year's been a real bitch IRL, man.

    Don't see you designing much too nowadays. Plus I'm guessing you didn't end up buying FFXIII-2. =P
    Rude, bro? Nahh man, if anything I should say sorry for replying so late. I've got a lot on my plate nowadays. Applications and A levels and all. Tough times.

    Other than that, I'm good man. Hope shit's been good for you too, Final.
    I wasn't holding you to a post quota to begin with :snicker

    Maybe. Maybe not. I enjoyed the heck out of it. It definitely encourages me to try Persona 4
    Yea give it a watch if you could. I can't see it disappointing you to be honest.

    Duodecim eh? I bought Dissidia a year ago because my cousin kept bugging me to play the game. I played for maybe 2-3 hours and haven't touched it since lol.

    I've been playing very few games on my PS3 outside of fighting games tbh. Not really interested in games outside of the next Batman game and Dark Souls. Years of a oversaturated FPS market will do that to you. I'm also looking forward to ICO Collection and the upcoming Team ICO game, whenever the hell those release. I've been so hype for the upcoming ICO game, but I've waited so long that I honestly forgot the title of the game lol.

    I never finished 3rd Birthday. I haven't been on my PSP much in general I got up to the 3/4th chapter and eventually stopped playing. I don't remember being engrossed in the story, but I do want to eventually finish it. I've been playing more Persona 3: Portable whenever I do play on my PSP though.
    Cammy is actually not that bad surprisingly. She's at LEAST high-mid tier, so she can compete with anyone. She's just less gimmicky without the TKCS. She got good normals to compensate. Next year, I beg you to watch EVO stream, or if possible, GO to EVO. I want to go next year. If there's any tournament to attend every year, EVO is it.

    I don't really play it, but I did play it today. It's not that I don't have fun with it, but I despise the balance decisions they made with Arcade Edition. Plus I despise the online play. Just like you, I'm hype for 3rd Strike Online. Very, very, very, very, very HYPE for 3SO. I downloaded GGPO just to get some practice in it on PC, but my controller isn't recognized by PC thanks to the nVidia chipset. This is my best computer too :(

    Seen/played anything good lately?
    People feel that way about MK9, but at high level tournaments, it's a pretty fast game. It's a really offense-based game for sure. Dude, I've gotten my ass kicked on stream countless times against great players. Honestly, when it comes time to play, you really don't think about the people watching in the venue or over the internet. None of it matters anyway. The people are generally nice anyway, and they are willing to discuss what went right/wrong in the match. You get to meet great people at these tournaments, and you'll become leagues better than you would playing online only. Did you get to watch EVO this year?

    I bought VC2 and for the most part, I enjoyed it. I prefer VC1 because I felt more "emotionally tied" to the characters. They really stuck out. I didn't get that feeling in VC2. The gameplay is good, and I like that they're expanding the classes a bit more. Also, I'd love it if they just went back to the PS3 for this franchise. They'd have much more room to experiment.
    Winning, but not winning tournaments yet lol. I placed top 16 (closer to top 8 I think since I got lucky and my top 16 opponent was a no-show) in a MK9 tourney a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully I'll be going to another MK9 tourney this upcoming friday.

    What about you man? How've you been?

    Apologies for the delay. I pretty much only access this forum via tapatalk on my phone, but I can't see any visitor messages sent to me from tapatalk.
    Same here mate. Been some ups and downs, but I'm still here right?

    Good to see you here again though. Coming back for good or is it just another peek?
    Yeah, your gratefulness was never one of your strong points... =P

    Anyway, my PS3's dead and I'm in no mood to actually go get it fixed. I'm too lazy for that.

    How've you been by the way?
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